Some symptoms that make me feel alone

My mind examines the paradoxes of existence and gets really afraid of things that shouldn’t be but are. Like sometimes I get this overwhelming terror just realizing we all exist and are on the same physical plane but have different minds but then our minds can interact and merge.

Above is what my mind is cooking up half the time. I have trouble being present to ordinary reality bc I get caught up in really esoteric concepts.

My struggle is real but it’s more like my mind is constantly attacking itself. I’ve detached from most of my mind and it feels alien to me.

I’m so ■■■■■■ up but somehow I manage to get jobs and woo people with charisma but inside I feel absolutely lost and I just need some kind of relief

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I got lucky, my meds sorted out my magical / existential / whacky philosophy thinking.

Know what you’re going through, @Nomad! It could be an existential crisis, at least in part. I know I live in my head a lot and I can become pretty agitated, sometimes.