Some Studies Show Link Between Gluten Consumption and Schizophrenia


That’s a load of codswallop. It’s pseudoscience. Gluten does not cause psychosis or schizophrenia. A gluten free diet should only be for people with coeliac disease.


Amen. All these bullcrap articles on quack sites and youtube “experts” do nothing but cause more people to stay sick longer or never get help.


Milk and yogurt won’t give you psychosis either. I think that’s one of your delusions…


I am trying to go on a gluten lactose free diet my dr put me on mainly for my constipation and bloating stomach but I have heard gluten free diets may be good for us and help us with schizophrenia.

I do not follow my diet strictly.
I have the occasional ice cream and cake…but I just had gluten-free toast for breakfast.

The gluten-free bread is a bit more expensive but it seems to help me a lot.


I ate gluten free for YEARS and I became psychotic multiple times.


Good for you OP. Keep up the good work.


So you’re saying the other twenty plus “cures” you have posted about over the past years didn’t work, but you’ve nailed it for sure this time?


Liposomal vitamin C has been appreciably reducing my breakthrough symptoms that were getting past a max dose of Paliperidone (12 mg.) Day by day my symptoms have been going down, to where I am now, able to sit next to a fan without it whispering sweet nothings into my ear (I don’t hallucinate against white noise now. Well, just a tiny bit if I concentrate hard, but that’s bound to go away in a few more days.)

Liposomal vitamin C differs from the standard kind in that it has over 70% bioavailability (good brands have over 90%, but they’re expensive), while the standard kind is at around 15% bioavailability, so most of it is secreted. The liposomal kind gets past the body’s hard limit of 200 mg absorption, so its antioxidant qualities can better heal damage, like a brain injury in my case. My head pain is improving dramatically. The stuff works well, I feel studies should be run on that vs. schizophrenia.


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Do u thing overeating makes voices worst and eating to much sweets do u then get more voices at night wanting sex


Over eating doesn’t affect voices or hallucinations.


me too. Gluten free, dairy free.


yes this is absolutely possible. if your sweets have gluten in it it may be that as well. perhaps its just more quiet at night and you can notice your gluten induced voices more. Gluten used to cause me voices until i cut it out of my diet. Its something like 10 times more common in schizophrenics


I spent several months gluten free to see if it would help. I actually got worse because I was so miserable on the diet.


true, it takes time to adjust to. also theres a period of time where people can begin to feel depressed because they’ve become so used to eating it


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its certainly “unusual” but i dont know that thats a bad thing


Thank you!

I enjoyed watching this.:slightly_smiling_face:

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