Some red flags brought up during therapy

I think that my new therapist is fantastic but yesterday she made me a bit uncomfortable.

She brought up spirituality and God, and used them in examples.

She also briefly brought up meditation.

I had to make her switch gears when she brought these up.

Bringing up spirituality and religion and incorporating these into therapy made me uneasy.

These topics can be destabilizing to a SZ mind.

She brought up mindfulness and that’s fine but then she started to bring up meditation and that’s when I told her meditation triggered some “magical” thinking in me.

Meditation can be dangerous for psychotic disorders.

But other than these 2 red flags, she is a really good therapist.


I understand, i dislike when people try to turn us to “alternative ways” or other stuff like that.
Good thinking to switch topics quick like that.
I hope she continues to provide you with good therapeutic services


Yes thanks @Moose_Party

Meditation has helped me a lot and I have sz.
Also, if spirituality is a challenging area for you then shouldn’t you address that in therapy?


I dunno but for me the whole phrase: ‘What thought will I think of next’…

I think is helping me. It slows you down, and makes you focus of healthy tasks and maybe executing on them, not to mention kinder thoughts Of yourself and the world views and all in between.

I read somewhere a few years ago that religion, in moderation, can help someone with schizophrenia. The key word is “moderation”.

But you’re right, it may not be the best thing for a therapist to get into.

I heard also that meditation can be bad for someone with schizophrenia. But not always. When I was really into AA, CA and NA and my sponsor took me through the steps he showed me his method of meditation. It was very basic and simple. I did it often and it actually helped but the effects were very brief. It took discipline to do it regularly and I did sporadically for a few years.


No I have to avoid spirituality.
Thanks to past delusions it’s definitely a trigger.


Meditation doesn’t have to involve spirituality. There are a lot of guided mediations out there that are not spiritual in any way. They are just techniques for calming down, getting in touch with your mind and body, etc.

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I Wish I Had Your Therapist.

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Etch 1.) Peacefully Study Her Of Course. She Is My Patient Now. Ha & Ha.

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Meditation can be dangerous for those people suffering from a psychotic disorder like schizophrenia/schizoaffective.
It depends though.

That’s what I said.


I would tell her you can’t discuss religion, spirituality, or meditation because they’re all too triggering. Explain how you’ve been triggered in the past and what it caused in your life. Ask her to not bring it up anymore


Yes I was just agreeing with you @77nick77
Sorry for the confusion.

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I can’t do meditation either, so you’re not alone there.

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Yes I will tell her @Pianogal

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@Wave , I’m sza and for me, my Catholic religion and my mindfulness meditation have both brought me to a place where I don’t need therapy and to a pretty much full recovery on meds.


Meditation is great. Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it.
From my understanding mindfulness is a derivative of Buddhist mediation who don’t believe in God.
I certainly detest religion but I still like meditation.

Where is your evidence that its dangerous?

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I use mindfulness but I don’t dare practice meditation.
I’ve meditated before in the past and became symptomatic.
But to each his or her own.


It can be dangerous, especially if it’s done wrong.

I practiced some mindfulness techniques today at the medical center lobby waiting for my dad and felt less anxious and less stressed.

I managed without taking Klonopin.

Mindfulness and DBT/CBT are helping me so far!

Therapy sessions with my new therapist is paying off!