Some prose I wrote

Pitter pat. Goes the rain.

“I Better rap” says my brain.

You’re better. Still you must Never.

Forget your


For the past Is the last time you laughed

And you gotta get back

To that

Kind of act.

In the moment, in the present

A moment of atonement

Doesn’t involve a weapon

So let it go for a second

Let it slow down in your breaths men

A pleasant. Heaven. Feeling.

Eleven or seven ceilings. Above you peeling. Off their paint chips.

It’s time to change it with a fresh coat and some strangeness.

Maybe polka dots is the same ■■■■.

But actual it’s a different pattern.

Well different hues.

Create different types of views.

In lieu of this change due to…

A different muse.

I still abuse when I choose.

Snooze when I lose.

But it’s a sin not to win

When you’re sick like Jeremy Lin

In his first 6 games with the New York Knicks, oh him??

Go to the gym


Raise the bar

Smerk now

“Where’s my car”.

Trying to go home but it’s way too far.

To walk in the night

For robberies and kidnappings happen on this street I might

Find my car under the stars next to the large. Bridge near the far. End of town. Where it’s hard not to drown.

Hard not to frown.

For water runs and it’s never going down.

Global warming raises water levels

But we were born in, no escape from these father devils.

Don’t bother trying to change , for several.

Giant, corporations. Are implying that the human condition is sacred. The way it is. And saving this world is up to the kids. But what happened to the kids, we were the kids. What did they did?? They became greedy adults because they realized they need to think. Like their fathers to succeed, cuz no need, to be a martyr. Get killed for your beliefs, deceased like the carters, the kennedys, for starters, it has too many enemies. Being at the top with a Benz-jeep. I’d probably spend twenty a week. If I could. Plenty are so deep in this mood. Well It’s bleak till I’m screwed. Each loves to improve. Include. Myself. Dude, the meds, they really help you.


Wow. Did you write this? I like it. Is the musical accompaniment yours also? A+

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I’ve done some editing yeah it was some good writing. It was inspired by this beat. However case-g music made that beat not me. I can’t wait to record this but my nose is too stuffed im still getting over my illness to rap it lol.

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