Some Pics of Chloe the Cat in my Grandmother's Garden

Chloe was originally my mom’s cat but she dropped her off to our grandmother’s to stay while she moved, and the cat got along so well with grandma that she ended up staying. It’s amazing how they bonded. My grandmother is famous in her neighborhood for her garden. I’ve been emailing her and she sent me some pics of Chloe in the garden. She’s a tortoiseshell cat, interesting footnote, 99% of tortoiseshell colored cats are female.


That’s a cool cat.

I wish my employment situation allow me to have a pet

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Yeah, we don’t have a pet anymore, she lives full time with my grandmother back in Virginia.

I admit it’s lonely without one.

I would like a small dog or a house cat

I think I could give them a good home, but with my studies coming up I just won’t have the time

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Awe we had my sisters cat for years and she was a Chloe…but your Chloe looks like a cat we had in America called Elanor. She really liked me out of all the cats and loved her dearly…both are now sadly passed so I’m in the same boat. No change at the moment of getting a cat!


Chloe is a cutie!

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