Some people on here are really mean and that's not cool


I think he’s still your friend @jukebox.
He seemed concerned for you.


@Wave tough love? I call it beratement…


I’m sorry if it was me. I hope it wasn’t me.


no @sweldon001 it wasn’t you…


{ Humbly hides back into the darkest corner of forum gentle praising @jukebox }
Silently… Reads postings again :sunglasses:


I’m sorry. I hate it when people aren’t who were thought they were.


I’ve noticed some people tend to get passive-agressive, and that really grinds my gears.
I’ve also seen people be outright mean.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been mean too, but it usually happens when I feel pushed and provoked. Most people I’ve seen making negative interactions seem to feel provoked for little to no reason.


I do well but still have my moments with paranoia. I sometimes chase shadows and that isn’t really cool! It’s not a bad place and I think if you understand that a lot of the time I don’t think it’s intentional. It’s just responding to things that may not be there…well it happens to me!


People need to remember this is supposed to be a SUPPORT forum. Mean people suck. I’m sorry someone was mean to you. You are always kind and I wish you nothing but kindness in return.


I’m sorry if I come off as mean sometimes. I get into moods during my illness cycles and can be combative.


I’m sorry someone was mean to you. I hope it wasn’t me!


I’m so sorry you were hurt @jukebox. Have you been able to tell the person how you feel?


@LouiseG yes we got in a fight on here yesterday about me quitting smoking day one yesterday…by the way I am still not smoking !! @oolaloola no it wasn’t you.


I’m glad you could share honestly. It’s so important to speak openly and assertively.


Congratulations @jukebox for not smoking!
Keep buggering on!


Good job on not smoking @jukebox!!! :slight_smile:


We as schizophrenics need to stick together. No one else understands us better. I’m sorry that this person was rude to you, it was uncalled for. I’m proud of you for attempting to quit cigarettes. It’s a hard task, but one which is well worth it. Hopefully you have smoked your last cigarette. Good luck, I am rooting for you!


This is a wonderfully moderated board, I was used to going to gamefaqs and people insult each other all the time there. I was so used to the environment I might have brought a little bit of my self defensive attitude over to this one. Trying to be nicer. I am amazed you are still off cigs, I am still struggling with that one. Good for you! I hope the situation resolves itself in a positive way somehow.


forgive and forget thats what i say, most of the ■■■■ i can just brush off, some things stick though, i dont like feeling like i have done something wrong when i haven’t.

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