Some people make me feel like I can't do anything

And then I hurry to get it done which causes me to mess up. Calling someone a baby is a way.

I think we’ve all been there. Just some people make us feel like we are so useless.

Can you avoid ppl that are making you feel bad? Ignore them. I know it’s not easy, not if they are co workers. Do you have anyone to talk to about them messing with you? Like the union? You just don’t call someone a baby. Or anything else for that matter.

At my work when ppl feel they have been addressed in the wrong way they talk to our boss and if that doesn’t change things we go to our union. They will put pressure on the boss to do something about the harrassments. Like someone wrote a man was gay on the wall in the locker room. Adult ppl aren’t supposed to act like small children.