Some people here are not sz?

Im asking because some never had an “psychotic episode”. They imeddiatly got to the psychiatrist.

That makes me wonder if not they’re not just the “avarage normie” and a little more

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I think you are correct in thinking that.

I think there are different levels of functioning here. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Those people must be helped in finding they’re true nature

Some people aren’t sz, but pretty much all of us have had a psychotic episode.


People with all forms and degrees of psychosis are welcome here.


Hey hot girl (you’re words, don’t ban me :hotsprings:)

I’m not suggesting making them go away. I want to help them. They can be “healthy” actually if you know what I mean

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I need to clarify for your own well being. I’m just joking

It makes me very uncomfortable when people ask for pictures and say how hot I am. I really wish you wouldn’t do it. This is a workplace for me.

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If it’s a workplace. I think I am volunteering.
But I didn’t get the sexual harrasing speech.

I only did that once.

I’m was joking or in a weird mood. Can’t know now. I forgot

A man can’t be curious?

Or, rather than trying to shame me for getting uncomfortable, you could just apologize and not do it again. That would be fine. But you did something wrong, and it isn’t my fault that I was upset by it.


That’s a big word. Don’t use that loosely

It’s what you’re currently doing now. Trying to act like it’s my fault that you made me uncomfortable. That’s shaming.

Seriously man, it’s not that hard. You can just apologize and not do it again. Don’t make this a whole thing.


Are you okay @anon92220549? I don’t think @Ninjastar is amused.

Probably not bro. I question the validity of my sz when ever I’m smoking. I’ll find out in another 3 years :joy:

Anyone can claim they’re SZ, its way too easy to get in here. I suggest the forum to be made visible to only geniune mentally ill members who signed up and filled a SZ/SZA questionaire of sorts

Man my hope family are energy vampires.

I’m ■■■■■■… My neighbor who comes here I also.

I don’t know about my friend thou…

Sucks man. I’m sure I’m not ill,just Lost a lot of “blood”

A normie that lurks in this forum, found me on Instagram and followed me and told me he is fascinated by this forum