Some people can change colour others be roughly the same their entire lives

I have a feeling that the bush fires are all about Michael Jackson whose producer use to go our with Melanie Trump.

I have changed colour illusionally, in that other’s have perceived me to be colours that I am not, whilst on the other hand I believe that DNA does not determine colour pigments that are actually more diverse than simply one or two.

The study of the various different kinds of melanin is not what I am talking about, I am talking about perception, not as framed by language, but as framed by the minds eye.

We are all supreme at the appropriate time, something that the internet is making more difficult.

Plugging in connections on such a scale is being made mechanical and artificial, which can only lead to more sex for the robots.

Everything lives, but that is not enough, we need to multiply, but the world is finite unless it is an illusion,

We all have to work for one another, it is modern life.

Is it like biokinesis? Those videos that send you beats to change your eye color if you listen to it often.

I’ve learned that DNA itself doesn’t determine colour pigments, it’s just inherited trait.

I remember taking a course on anthropology saying that our ancestors were from Africa, and didn’t have any genetic variants like white skin or black skin. I’ve heard from the same class that “races” developed as a result of genetic mutations or variants that caused our pigments to be very little (as we see in people who have white skin) and a lot (as we see in people who have black skin). And that genetic trait was passed from generations to generations.

I’m not sure about being able to change colours, but people have changed colours (in a long span of time) through a means of genetic diversity. At the end, we’re all humans. We just happen to be very diverse.

I think it’s more to do with the rememberance of past lives, as you say we change from one generation to the next, but I do believe that pigment density can change in a life time, and also that there are more than two types of pigments, whether it is material or illusion is a question of whether you believe in the reality of your vision, perhaps I have only imagined changing colour in a metaphysical sense, past lives can be an illusion too.

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