Some people believe that if you have voices you have lost contact with the Lord

often it is true that you need at least one was to guide you in your life not necessary the Lords but I am boss this is your voice pokes you Konshens you prohibits you for making logical and the illogical choices if there are too many of these have you broke your contact with your Lord it is often wondered I was wondering how many of you thought that the path to God which through this voice and if so if he had forsaken you at some time allow these voices trim habit or more simply the electrical current that runs through God that runs through you was disconnected temporarily just a thought nothing more

I had schizophrenia. It helped me ask a lot of questions of myself.


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well in my case the voices were the lord… so did that bring me closer? LOL

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Some people say schizophrenics are “touched by the gods”. I quite like this phrase.

Sounds Irish . . .

I was at my worst when I lost contact with the Lord and was looking into Zen Buddism.

God chases away demons for me that used to bother me.

Maybe tetched by the gods?

My youngest bro pretty much believes that all we have to do is have belief and faith and accept gods healing that we would be healed… yeah sprinkle so more fairy dust on me please


I was out there telling him how much i hated him earlier.

â– â– â– â–  the lord.

Not all auditory hallucinations fall into the category of voices. Around half of the auditory hallucinations I have are in the category of noises (sounds heard in everyday life), not voices.

Some folks who have lived a life of prayer may not be convinced they could easily loose contact with the Lord of their faith once they start hearing voices.

Had I a conversation with someone who discussed this topic, I definitely would explain how my AHs derive from a dysfunction in brain oscillations, of which have nothing at all to do with contact of any kind with any entity.

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when bound by the spiritual world of the earth are we not connected since some electrical fashion and if we are are we not spiritually connected to the same way

There are alpha and beta waves of energy in one’s brain and when we die that energy goes somewhere…energy cannot be created or destroyed. I believe the energy is our spirit.

or in other words we are the middle ground between haevan and earth.and when one is not communicating or the other is not communicating then there is an interruption in the cortex of the brain allowing fictitious behavior perhaps or not

      That's my case. I hear the voice of God Almighty himself these days. I don't think you can get any closer to god than that.
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