Some people are just sick :(

i think this is sick :frowning: :thumbsdown:

Wow. The hypocrisy on “selfish” is detected from her.

Who the hell is KTHopkins anyhow…

she is a complete bitch, i’ll try and find a link-

shes ugly

inside and outside

its people like this make me feel the world is going to end. damn social media.

her perception of life is way off

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Chances may even be likely that her perception only exists through fame - Some “Celebrities” acquire fame through being total assholes.

It’s truly sad.


Never heard of her.


I hear comments like that coming from old ladies on transit buses.

some people should be held accountable for what they say,


In the U.S. we sadly have Ann Coulter… racist, angry, egocentric narcissist who is blinded by a sense of entitlement. Insulting everyone for any reason.

Oddly though… looks a lot like this Katie Hopkins person.

Scary how much hate and ego is behind those smiles.


maybe they are evil twins lol,

but seriously i mean is it fame that has twisted them

is it a show for the cameras? to get famous?

its a tricky one,

has this Ann Coulter said anything like that?

Oh YES. Easily.

You’ll have to look her up because I just can’t bring myself to repeating most her vile spewage.
So racist… among other things.
This is the most recent…

fk sake these bitches…

they only imbue hatred

they should be given gagging orders or something.

what about guys? any really nasty guys out there?

all i can think of is Simon Cowell or Alan Sugar but i don’t think they are as bad as these women.

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it just popped up on my Facebook page and i was like wtf :frowning: i had to say something,

sorry i just thought that people should be made aware of people like this,

idk if that is a bad thing?


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i don’t think that this is the common view of the people

do you?

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Ann Coulter did not suggest giving Ebola to migrant children. The article which claims this came from a satirical website called The Daily Currant. They publish only fictional stories which can sometimes be misinterpreted as real news.

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what do you think about what Katie Hopkins said @BarbieBF ?

You’d be surprised. You are lucky that you don’t know any of these kinds of people.