Some painted blood borne miniatures

Been playing the blood borne board game. It’s based on the video game.

Anyway I decided to start painting the miniatures that came with it. It sort of a nice break from the regular warhammer models.

Hope you like. I’m not putting too much detail into these and there is no painting tutorial on them either. But I’m happy with the result.


oh would you please trade me a picture of all my action figures for a picture of all your miniatures together? you must have a plethora of these figures now and I thoroughly enjoy seeing them !!


Nice work. Look good to me!


look good @Fanny_Longbottom . Some day, hopefully I will get back my desire to paint miniatures again. Was a good time killer while it lasted.


There are a lot of miniatures. Lol. Not all are painted…though I wish they were.

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