Some of you are lucky

You may be parents with one or more children. You may even have grandchildren already. I consider that you are lucky.

Sometimes it bothers me that I have not managed to achieve any of that. I suppose it is the curse of schizophrenia that many of us have. I know that I am not alone, but I view children as the continuation of our existence here on the Earth. I suppose I have not been lucky.

Just sharing my thoughts.


I have contraditory feelings about having children. I’m still young, it’s still possible for me.

But something tells me I’ll never find the right person for that.

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If I married my children now would be teenagers. Imagine that teaching children is difficult nowadays.

The reality is, I am still living with my parent.

You’re not unlucky, you have had the opportunities to travel to and live in other countries for so long time.

I consider myself lucky that I never had children. I wouldn’t have been able to take care of them. Plus I could have passed schizophrenia onto them.

I think I feel the same way about not getting married. What kind of life would my wife have had.


i think id be a caring husband and friend & i have my strengths other than money… but im also glad i dont have kids because i cant even have a healthy sleep pattern for 20 years… i couldnt wake up for kids all the time.

My brother and sister are both happy married with beautiful children
I do not feel bad about not being a mum because it’s not my fault I’m ill. I can’t change being ill
It’s just not on the cards for me. I do no think it would be appropriate for me to start having kids

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I had my chance to have kids when I was Married - Thank Goodness it did not work out, having kids is a huge responsibility.

I would not be able to give them a normal life.

There are times where I daydream of being married again, but this time to a non sociopath.

In a way Im lucky that I dont have kids of my own.

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The thought of having kids scares me a lot. As a result I know I’ll never have kids. Just no way I would be as stable and consistent as kids deserve.

Love being an uncle though!

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When I was still a alcoholic I met a girl I partied with and she had bottles of sherry and ciner on the table and pictures of her young children that were taken off her on her walls.
I knew then that that would never happen to me and it is worse than not having kids in h first place.
I have dogs instead children are hard work LOL

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Having children is not an accomplishment. Too many people who should never have children think it’s their right to do so. That’s a fairy tale in our overpopulated society. Is my son an amazing blessing? Yes, and I love him beyond measure. But, I’ll tell you, all the things I couldn’t do for him, and all the ways I failed him sits like an iron ball that weighs down the center of my heart. Sorry to be such a downer like that, but it’s an issue for me. If you deeply wanted children and never did, then I’m sorry for your pain. On the other hand, there was pain avoided as well. Your legacy is in the lives you touched everywhere you go. It doesn’t have to be biological.


I’m not the luckiest person. What ‘luck’ I have is generally self-made. Recovery is something you fight for, not something you wait for.


I have children. They are now teenagers. They manage pretty much them selves. I don’t have the energy or ability to have small children since I got ill. I have done a hysterectomy just to be sure no accidents happen. I have more severe illnesses besides sz that have popped up as an adult. Wonderful genepool in my family.

If I knew then what I know today, I prop would not have had children. But I love my children more than life and protect them from any harm. But it’s hard work. I’m happy I’mmarried that we are two charing the burden.


I suppose my problem was that I was too long married to an American woman who used birth control pills. I probably should have divorced years before the actual divorce. Well I got out of that marriage which was great I think. They tried to still control me after the separation, but it did not happen. The divorce in the American style …

there are people who are considered ‘normal and healthy’ who make terrible parents, don’t let SZ tell you that you cant have kids or be married.

I am currently fostering the two little girls I will hopefully be adopting next year (the orphans of a friend) and my GF and I are planning on getting married and having our own baby next spring. It all depends on if I can keep my job though, we wont bring a child into the world if we cant afford to do so.

Back when my niece and nephews were young I’d think I wanted to have children when they came to visit. I didn’t have children, though. Sometimes I feel like I missed out on some of life’s best experiences because I didn’t, but I also escaped a lot of responsibility and worry. If I had kids I’d be afraid they were doing the same things I did when I was young.