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I’m finally out of the hospital. I’m not supposed to put weight on it but too late for that. As soon as my father in law heard I was out he lectured me.

I’ll tell you a little story about following post-surgery instructions:

When I was 19, I had work done on my right elbow. I was obeying the surgeon’s instructions to the T.

When I was 30, I had the exact same surgery done on the left elbow. I blew the doctor’s warnings off and didn’t wear the brace. I thought it was too encumbering, so I said to hell with it. That was a big mistake. My left elbow is numb, tingles, and “itches” but I can’t scratch it away. I did further nerve damage to it, and my sutures ripped, turning the incision line into a one-inch wide scar. Now I kick myself in the ass.

See what I’m saying here?

You’re not anyone’s servant, @cbbrown. You don’t take orders from anyone. Especially if someone is being harmful or promoting something harmful to you, you have a responsibility to not listen to them. I’m going to be blunt here, so let me apologize ahead of time…Your in laws are pieces of ****.


My mother-in-law is a sociopath…

But after all of these years and out of respect for my wife, I’ve never said ‘boo’ to her.

Keep your pride with regards to your in-laws, @cbbrown…and just be supportive of your significant other. Sometimes it’s the things we don’t do or say that garner you respect and speak volumes.


The cast was cut to make room for swelling but the swelling was minor and I walked on the cast. It’s now falling apart. So my partner put my ankle boot on me.

Some would call that regard for your wife old-school. I would call it class. Good advice @Patrick.

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