Some negative voices in my mind

I have good meds and I rarely have voices, but yesterday I had one in Finnish ‘Älkää vihatko ‘my name’ koska hän on vajaaälyinen’ meaning ‘Do not hate ‘my name’ because he is retarded’, so what if I am a little ‘vajaaälyinen’ …

Sorry dude … hope it goes away

I suppose I am that much ‘vajaaälyinen’ that I have difficulties to create and maintain human relations …

I don’t hear voices but occasionally the thoughts in my head will say I am bad or call me names. I KNOW I am a good person so I do my best to ignore it. I bet you are a wonderful person too. Do your best to ignore it. Maybe try writing down all the things you like about yourself.

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I like keeping my diaries, I write all kinds of things, I know that I am a good person, I have never hurt anybody, in some sense I am intelligent, but there maybe some areas where I am not so intelligent (so in these areas I maybe ‘vajaaälyinen’ which actually means ‘lacking intelligence’ which is different from the word ‘retard’), as I said I have difficulties to have any meaningful relationships, … but your advise to write things down is excellent.

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The Finnish language has many interesting words such as ‘älyvapaa’ meaning ‘without any intelligence’ …

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I suppose it would be worse if I did not know that I am ‘vajaaälyinen’, well I do have real difficulties with human relations, but fortunately I am not ‘älyvapaa’, but I do not really like to be too ‘vapaaälyinen’ … :smile: