Some more deeds

Once I got some aunty’s home and some guy came in there to argue her so I deep acted like baphomet like totally and some people there thought that I am satan and that guy too

One day me and my mom were saying bad stuff like I will be back magician and I did some kind of acting there too she thinks that’s satan

Hope everything’s okay man

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Oy vey fam, we’re all struggling.

I curse and swear at the voices in my mind, not out loud, but that helps too. I know its wrong but they make me hate. I know thats wrong too but… I just have to calm down and ignore them. I would impose severe penalties on them if I could. Then its time to watch good things on youTube. Learn, grow further your hobby. Don’t sweat the small stuff and tell the man upstairs your sorry.

The light bearer is sexy who doesn’t love the sun of Dog?. Lol he’s perfect. Just chill. You could think of worse things. I think I’m a reincarnation of sophia and she dies​:sweat_smile::joy::joy::joy::joy:

I did like that day like my ketu in 1st house is problem and I did gave pain to my mom and dad every day so they just thrower it in dustbin actually it was my dad and my mom and everyone else who made me suffer from 2015 to 2017
It’s neither my moon in 2nd house

I can barely understand you dude

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It’s psychology affected because of others
And I blame myself
My friends who are enemies now they say that I like to hurt myself who are manish and winston
People think that I mean gay and chakka is women or gay is guy
Asliyat which is reality I thought it like I am chakka which is kind of t men
People think that my mom is my wife
And my dad is my servant
And I am payroll actor
And my kids are in mcit book
And some 2 images of some woman I cried on was my mom
I also commented on some 15 year old girl that I just sold myself

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You’re cuckoo :confused:

I don’t mean I hate sex like it btw with women

I think you need a med adjustment. When do you next see your pdoc?

In January 2019

Ok that’s when you LAST saw you pdoc

Early January 2018 btw I have depression and anxiety only

And you have schizophrenia clearly

not trying to bust you just help!?

You’re way out there dude with the disorganized thought and speech. You need to see a psychiatrist like now.


Everything is fine now a days

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