Some mental disease

I certainly have a mental disease although i dont know which one.

i doubt its sz

but whatever it is i am getting better by self counseling

i think i am improving


You should tell your doctor you dont feel you have schizophrenia my doctor says i am too functional for schizoaffective so my schizoaffective diagnosis will probably be removed.


makes sense

but in my case whatever the disease i m functional so its ok

my way to go is not to care about it

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Yeah it probably wont change things that much since atleast for now i still have to take antipsychotics hope you find what you are looking for.

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i am thinking of taking it on all by myself bcoz meds have not removed the disease

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I think that would be more of a reason to continue treatment? If meds haven’t been successful, not to give up and keep working toward full remission? You seem to be doing well already, and are on the way to improvement or a better situation…

Im functional high functional I have schizoaffective according to most because…I have moreso symptoms related to high energy, not sleeping, reckless or impulsiveness, shopping, etc. binge eating, not eating, but I dont have residual hallucinations or delusions during my day-to-day life. I am on medications, so that could say they are working really well.

I don’t risk going off them anymore, just because it will open me up to being vulnerable toward reckless/carelessness, my mania just gets worse and worse. Its like a roller coaster where I just keep going up and up and up and never come down…

The only thing that brings me back down are meds.


ok makes sense

i was not talking of going off meds.

i am not sure i m sz

i have some mental disease where my thinking is impaired but i dont know what it is

its like it doesnt matter if i m or i m not on meds

so i m not sure if i should continue taking them or not

i m just fine as it is

i m thinking of taking whatever disease is on by fighting it head on myself

whatever it is it sucks

all the best to u

Hmm. . .

Mental “diseases” Are Not Fun At All. It’s A Feeling Of Being Oppressed By The Universe.


I’m so lazy and tired and have memory and intelligence problems like IQ and learning. I also got a few delusions I’m working to get rid of and overcome. The meds help with psychosis but the damage from IQ loss is substantial and no motivation or drive really. I guess that’s schizo-affective disorder – depressive type. That’s the one constant in my life – that diagnosis. I drink so much caffeine, I’m surprised I’m alive lol. I smoke a lot too and my lungs are black from all the tar I think.

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I hope you lower down your caffeine intake and stop smoking

Life is tough

I hope and wish that you get well soon

Take care

All the best

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