Some love music makes me feel good

i’m listening to this right now :slight_smile: i want it

Sometimes people are funny such as these Russians having a crazy dance party LOL

here’s another album i am listening to now, its really good :slight_smile: i think i must be in the mood for this just now,
did you know it is world record day today? i tried to go to a record shop earlier but couldn’t find a parking space for us and nearly crashed several times, in the end i just gave up and came back home :frowning: didnt get my record but i’m so glad i have got youtube so i can listen before i buy for my collection :slight_smile:

i am enjoying this :notes:

another one i am listening too now, thought @SurprisedJ might like it, i really like it anyway :slight_smile:

:musical_note: :musical_score: :notes: :sunny:

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I do like this very much. Thank you for this one.

I like the sad ones.

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this one is very good and fun, love the dancing in the video as well.

this guy has pure soul running through his veins, great album just out

please tell me if these dont play x

this is great music and the album will be out soon and this is just a taster