Some lady tried to offer me food

I don’t trust people. I had feeling it was poisoned. That really bothers me.

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She was probably just being nice. Although I don’t know if I’d take food from some random stranger…

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I doubt it was poisoned, it might have been really tasty, what was it?

sorry about that. i had some lady offer me a subway sandwich in Pittsburgh, she thought i was homeless. anyways i was vegetarian at the time and told her to get me some borscht…she just looked at me like i was crazy

Hell no I never take food or drink from strangers. I think she was paid like a Hitman to try and kill me. I’m

I probably would have felt the same way. I’m always suspicious of nice people.

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No way I would’ve taken it honestly.

Yeah… I’d be a little creeped out too tbh.

Yea I wouldnt. Ghghghg unless I saw her buy it and open it in front of me :slight_smile:

I would NEVER take food from a stranger!
No way!

I have a food phobia and always fear that others are drugging me!

I have a hard time eating food or drinking from public places like restaurants.

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I wouldn’t take food from a stranger. Unless they were working in a store and giving out free samples maybe :thinking:

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I have that fear about restaurants too. Subway makes your food in front of you.


I generally offer a few dollars to homeless folks I encounter on the street. There have been a couple times where I miscalculated and the person politely declined the money and said they were not homeless. They were very gracious about my mistake but I was mortified and worried that I might have hurt their feelings. :frowning:


When I was in the hospital, I had some really low-functioning mentally ill person offer me a glass of orange juice. She kept calling me Bruce Wayne. I didn’t think she’d poisoned the glass, but thought this was some kind of test to see if I’d drink the juice. It was very strange.

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One time I was living on the street. It was very hot, so I went into a McDonald’s solely for the air conditioning. One of the workers brought me a hamburger, fries, and coke. She said somebody else bought it for me. I wasn’t hungry, but I ate it, just to be nice. I’ve seen that happen to other homeless people too. One time I saw this homeless man in a mall, and somebody bought him some Chinese food. I don’t think these people bought us this food to be nice to us. I think it was some kind of comment on our inability to fit in to that environment and the inappropriateness of our being there. No one really got hostile, though. There have been times when I thought people were slipping Haldol into my food and drinks. I got very paranoid about it. I really doubt if anyone was trying to put poison in your food because it is highly illegal to do that.


Yeah, when I was in the hospital they made me feel very unwelcome, like I had no business being there. I guess that’s better than being told I don’t belong in public. But it was still upsetting.

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I think you may be wrong about the message in the food that was given to you. At least with the intent portion of it. Some parent was probably just teaching their kid the virtue of charity or something. Still, you may be onto something, but I don’t think they meant ill by it.


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