Some hobby stuff

So I’ve been trying the waters of a lot of different miniature game systems and finally found one that fits the bill. Had a good look at games workshop who do warhammer but found it’s so specialised and so gawdamn expensive…anyways. Ended up selling some stuff today on ebay and got some coin back…

Ended up working well because I had an unforseen car bill and what I sold covers that and still leaves me some money to play with this fortnight…got to love the modern world. My new hobby is historically based and a lot simpler - it’s called Bolt Action and it’s something I grew up researching so fits pretty well…now to some painting and assembling of plastic kits!


Gonna check that out.

Thanks my dude from the Planet of Australia.

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@ThePickinSkunk …some US airborne. The scale is 1/56 so figures are 28mm. It’s very nerdy but currently assembling. Will prime/paint and play later. There’s a facebook community to find games and it’s interesting historically.


Just my thing. I’m a professional nerd.

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Just ordered an A3 sketch pad after positive feedback for a couple of sketches I did.

I’ve always dreamed of being an artist and as I have time I thought I’d sketch before graduating to painting.



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