Some has something interesting too say , some one interesting well say something

I’m am in the least position to talk, I’m just a Dr of motor’s , I spend has my live under a car work on ■■■■ no one like too do. I run around take in odd job’s in carpentry, try to keep up with my house hold with band members come and going all hour of the day and night. hang on to a gal I know from work 40 years ago. I read science magazine when I can. I have lived out of my folks sense I was 15. on my own when schizophrenia hit me at age 21, but rathered live on the street tell I got my ssi and ssd buying a home was hard tell I got to know some one who had done it before, and even through kids I managed to keep my sanity. shore I’m old and have a lot of health issues . I remand on top of my world. hope and praying the voices never return and all the ■■■■ with it. you must have a lot of time on your hands to have read this and like I said …


That’s a very inspiring story DrZen, thanks.

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