Some good news


i have a good voice,( the last seven years ) a dragon , at least that is what it looks like at the moment, it kind of changes, who keeps on putting his scaly hand on my shoulder to tell me or reassure me he/she is there.
but the good news is i am not actually hearing ( only occasionaly ) the odd bad voice, just a few times during the day, i am stoked ( which means ’ good/great in australia. )
i have had the bad voices in plural for ever since i can remember .
i can still see the demons but it is like the volume control is on ’ off ', so they are voicing stuff but no sound.
so there is hope.
take care


I summoned up a nun once as a spirit guide experiment. She has remained. She doesn’t speak but communicates with simple hand motions.

I don’t think about her often. Or necessarily believe in spirits. But I follow her advice - she’s/I’m usually right. I’m not sure how to handle her. One time she turned and ran off - up over the hills.

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i think the nun sounds like a good thing , whether it is a manifistation from our own minds or some divine creature showing us the way, there is no harm .
take care

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This is great news Darksith. I’m stoked for you too. I too have sort of had to focus on the voice that stands out as cool and calm. At least there is someone on our side in the head circus.

I’m glad your getting some good news. I’m glad you have the good dragon on your shoulder. I have just have the good doctor in my head. A dragon sounds much stronger.

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thanks SurprisedJ,
yeah i am pretty happy and a little ’ surprised ’ my self. for moments during the day i can feel what it must be like being a normal person, wow i kinda like normal, but i will take what i can get and be very grateful for it !!
i am glad you have a good voice , at least he is a professional doctor , you deserve it, good wishes to you and your family.
take care