Some exercises for the broadcasting mind?

What are some things you do to get your TB under control?

good question. thanks for asking this forum.

i don’t know it either and need some.


The thing that helps me most is reminding myself of the present time and only the things that matter at the present and second I remind myself of my point of view that I have… Occupying my whole head with myself… Gaining control of all my head space…

The only things that work for me for thought broadcasting and thought insertion are meds and a lot of coping skills like:
good nutrition
sleep hygiene
pet therapy
creative pursuits
cultural events
books and magazines
friends and family
social media
avoiding alcohol and drugs

There are mobilegames, IF you search for brain games, could be something.

Get good sleep, and stay busy when you’re awake

Read your credit card numbers to yourself then check your bank account. Passwords. This helped convince me it’s not real. I forget, though, but seriously, if TB were true your account would be constantly hacked. Not that hacking verifies it but the occasional absence of hacking disproves it for me. The next step in the delusion could occur and caused me weird other delusions but those are another story.

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