Some Drawings

Lots of doodling.

I lack confidence.

I had some other drawings but I trashed them because it was a horrible day , some unpleasant things happened and it set me off to throw everything away.

I figured its okay because I remember how to draw that stuff anyway.


They almost look like a comic book :sweat_smile:


I like them, they make me feel calm and your art is unique. You could illustrate for a book! Or just for pleasure as a hobby! Lately I have been doing watercolor abstract, I noticed that images form in the different blends of color so I create from the images that seem to come from my subconscious. Last night I drew a knight with a shield I realized and this morning I saw an ancient coin was discovered that looked like my painting–but I had turned the painting on one side, it looked like a battle scene, and on another it looked like a knight…its so fun to work with art its like an adventure in imagery and conceptualization.


Yes. Really good lots of cool ideas.

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