Some drawings about my hometown

The pictures below are some landscapes of my hometown, especially those old places.


Love them!
Did you draw all of these?


I wish I had the skills of drawing. But, no, they are not my works. It was drawn by an artist from my hometown.

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Oh I see.
Where are you from?

I am from the Lower Yangzi River Delta region, the most cultural region of China. I live in Nanjing.

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I see,
These drawings look really peaceful.
My father was interested in Chinese history but never had the chance to visit China.

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These are beautiful :slight_smile:

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I live in Shanghai, the end of Yangzi River. The drawings are great.

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Just from looking at these excellent drawings I know I would love to live there. Looks so peaceful


Nice to meet you here, my country fellow.

Nice to meet you too.

It looks like an interesting place to live It must have shaped you some how just as middle TN in the 50’s shaped me.

You are right. I did be shaped by the landscapes of my hometown so that it took years for me to get used to the landscapes of Australia after I moved to Newcastle. The Chinese gardens are more cultivated while the Australian ones are bigger and more natural.


This is the only one I could find that was any where near as beautiful, just picture cars and it’s pretty much downtown :wink:

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Your an amazing artist. Keep it up!

I blushed to see this praising word, because theses drawings are by other people. Actually an artist from my hometowm. Anyway, thanks for your word.

Very nice @green5 - looks like a great place to live

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