Some doctors have believed me

about my Suspect Targeting, blacklisted, and fighting for justice for decades.
They can see how it’s driven me crazy, with permanent mental disorder.
it’s the only help I’ve been shown, psychiatry.


Could you explain?

Not good doctors then.

When I first went to psychiatry appointments, I was an inarticulate teenager. They could and did talk circles around me encouraging me to believe trash.

For example, early on, I asked a doctor if I had schizophrenia. He answered, “What would make you think that?” I got the drift of his answer. Yeah, I was stupid for thinking I might have schizophrenia.

Since me trying to cut the microchip out they think I’m seriously unwell. Certified unwell.

I don’t appreciate that.

When I did a poll in the last year, than 74% said they don’t agree on the official statement about Sz. So most patients believe into something else than they are told.

that’s a high number. I would wonder if many of those think voices are real people.

I don’t know about them, but I’ll go to my grave swearing by this.

it’s not something you’ve lived thru, so maybe you should shut up!

Your opinion eh? But 74% thought it differently. You can’t prove that, can you now?

I leave it to medical scientists to prove things regarding this illness.

Well, some of them believe into Matrix like Elon Musk, or did you think all the scientists are like you?

you just deny my post, many docs want to help me get justice,

they don’t know what to do. it’s buried under diagnosis, and nothing in the world to help it. yeah, well, some major things cause illness.