Some Doctors are in it for the Money

I’m having an issue with my Family Doctor.

It seems to me that he is taking Advantage of me and my Father.

He wants my Father and I to take blood tests and go see him for a visit, every 2 Months!

That is a lot of blood testing and visits for the year, it is clear that this guy is in it for the Money.

Some doctors take advantage - this guy seems greedy.

His office is full of patients, kind of reminds me of a factory.

From now on, we are seeing him every 6 months, unless there is an Emergency.

He reminds me of one of my first pdocs, who wanted to see me every week.

I do have insurance, but still- seeing a doctor every 2 months is too much, we are not so unhealthy.

I would leave him completely, but it’s tough finding another competent doctor that accepts my insurance.

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There is no way I’d do that kind of job as a volunteer! I should hope he’s in it for the $$$.


I mean primarily for the money (greedy)

Seeing patients every 2 months is a bit much.

My gp told me that there was a time in her career whereby she would see 40 patients per day. She said she came to realise later in her life that her job has become more rewarding if she spend more time with really ill patients, especially those with chronic illnesses…so now she sees a limited amount of patients each day. I see her at least twice per year for blood tests and chronic scripts.

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Twice a year is what I’m shooting for also @Fellowman - this seems reasonable.

Every two months doesn’t sound like a lot to me. Could be the doctor sees something he is concerned about.

Blood testing every 2 months seems like a bit too much - it’s not just one time.

Is the blood work for meds? I’ve read in numerous places that with certain meds, it is wise to do frequent blood work for a while, to be safe. I remember years ago when a psych thought I was bipolar, after researching I said absolutely no way to lithium because the blood work requirements would be off the charts.

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Its not specifically for my Meds. I mean I am on Risperdal and Klonopin, I am no longer on a Mood stabilizer that requires frequent blood testing.

Maybe my doctor is being cautious because I am Diabetic and lately my FSH and LH levels are a bit elevated - these are 2 Hormones.

I hate getting my blood tested, they usually have a difficult time getting blood from me because of my deep veins., but then again he is also asking my Father to come in every 2 to 3 months as well, and he is on very little meds.

I still think that getting my blood tested every 6 months is a better option for me.

We shall see how it goes.

You may be right, you may be wrong. His motives may be a mixture of wanting to help and make a difference while getting paid well to do it. Everybody likes money , right? I would be a little wary of going against a doctors recommendation. There are certainly bad doctors in practice all over, and it’s entirely possible that he’s one of them. I really don’t know if he’s milking you for some extra insurance money or not. Maybe if you are suspicious that he’s ordering unnecessary tests you could ask another doctor or go to a different doctor as a one-time appointment for advice. I guess I’m just saying that I would talk to another doctor before going against your doctors advice. Has anything he’s ever done before caused you any doubt or raised your suspicions? If he has a track record of making mistakes or ordering unnecessary tests than maybe it’s time to switch doctors.


Here in the uk most healthcare is free. I only see my family doctor when something crops up. The practice also does a special nurse led clinic especially for folks on psych meds where they do basic bloods/blood pressure/weight etc. This is once a year.

Think I would be a bit bored if I had to see my family doctor too much. Where I live most of my care comes in the form of CPN and support workers.

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No, He has an excellent reputation as a doctor.

What he’s doing is taking advantage of insurance and likes the extra money.

I have decided to see him next month as scheduled then see him twice a year if everything is in check.

Repeating blood tests even when there are no red flags every 2 months is Excessive.

My doctor wants to see me every month. I have to pay for my doctors visits but he won’t Give me several prescriptions for Ativan lik some doctors will do.

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I had a doc like that.

He was always telling me I was ‘at risk’ but never what I was at risk for, he took so much blood over six months for testing that when I went to donate they only got half a pint from me before I passed out. They ended up needing to give me a transfusion, the ER doc looked at my records and saw how much blood they had taken for testing and reported my GP for malpractice. No where in my records did it show me as at risk for anything, except death by blood loss because my doc ordered blood work every other week.

My new doc only orders blood tests twice a year, so I get them three times a year between my Pdoc and my GP. I also get an MRI every six months because of what they think is an aneurysm in my head, but it could just be a large blood vessel in a weird place >.<

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Im sorry that this happened to you @Dremulf.

no worries it was taken care of, and my new GP is awesome, hes old school medicine, so hes in it for the challenge and to help people. He was the one who first realized I suffered depression, If I had listened to him and gotten an exam done I would have been diagnosed a year sooner instead of having a psychotic break down at Basic Training.

So on that note, it always pay to listen to your GP as long as they know hat they are doing!

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