Some days, I feel lucky to have schizophrenia

But then I realize that’s just a crock of sh*t.


same same
sometimes ther are interesting stuff, like magic but other times this is bad.


I feel I had a special experience wen I saw some angels.

Idk if they really were angels but it felt super duper cool

Also I felt like the queen of the world wen psychotic experiences started both times

They were flipping hilaaaarious, the sensations of humour I was receiving and of experiences. It was just making me feel good but

Of course

I do not recommend psychosis it’s destroying the brain

And the experiences turned out to be worst things in my life eventually as it proceeded

What makes you feel lucky to have scz some days?

It makes me feel unique. Like I’m the most *ucked up individual on earth. Like when it comes to weird delusions, no one can touch me.

Other times it gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside like petting a puppy.


I’m honestly not that mad that I have schizophrenia. Financially, I wish things were better… but my mental health is 90% ok. In fact I have very little to complain about besides the low energy. It’s been 4 years and I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be normal, lol.

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