Some Basic Brain Logic - Built Into the Subconscious

Basic Logic

  1. A and B

  2. A or B

  3. A not B

  4. A is B

The first three is schizophrenia diagnosed or diagnosed and mild form. The last one is not.

The difference is that the “split” or skhizen mind is apparent in the first three states of psyche. The mind splits and disassociates with itself claiming that it is not the same as the other self which are the voices or letter B.

For the brain to say with its “mind language” that the voices are mental rhetoric like the self is mental rhetoric is to be not diagnosably schizophrenic.

Normals have the ability if they practice it to flip in and out of this “schizo mentality” at will.

A split in the mind is no mystery. It can be as simple as saying that you are not the car you drive, or you are the car you drive. I don’t mean that you talk to your passenger, and sign a contract stating these things. No, nothing that exert. I mean that when you are driving, you don’t pay attention to whether or not the car is or isn’t you. You don’t think in “car and me” terms, or “car or me” terms. You think literally in “car is me” terms.

That would not be called schizophrenia. That would be called the opposite of skhizen.

Then when you step out of the car, the car is not “and you,” “or you,” “not you.”

The same is true when you speak to people. When normal people are in a social situation, they are thinking often times as if they are other people mentally and physically. This is why they watch movies and listen to music very often. This state of my is the opposite of skhizen which I don’t have a name for yet. If someone can find an ancient Greek name for me, that would be great.

So again the…

…scz’s are supposed to say that the mental appendages “are” their own brains, and they should never deduce that their own brains in the logic forms of “or, and, not.”

The extension of the mind as a software and virtual reality simulation field which is supposed to prevent the body from dying as it is an organ specifically for information processing needs to function as logically as possible. The opposite of logical functions is an illogical mind, and that kind of mind is impractical meaning it can handicap the person, so that the brain organ is actually defeating the survivability of the body of the rest of the body organs.

To extend this…

…I often experience the “A and B” effect.

The way that this works is that…

…first you have to understand that the brain is faking the telepathy that the sz is comprised of.

To fake the telepathy it has to pretend the vision is, the hearing is, the sense of the skin’s warmth is and so on. It can be any sensation.

So for instance when it acts up I will feel as though the warmth of my face is an “A and B” situation. It really is just “A is B.” Logically there should be no “and.” I am my skin, but the way the logic of the brain computes it is that it “pretends” in an automatic fashion that I’m another person too. That is what the voice is; “another person or being.” Well it’s actually just me of course, but that is not how this brain computes it; the sense of my own skin in this situation.

If it is a visual “voice” as we call them, it is the same thing. The brain is computing the visual sensation as an “and” situation; A and B instead of A is B.

To go further with the example above you would incorporate the visual imagination and the memory that feeds it. These included give a fuller view of the sz’s “A and B” state of mind.

Then when you add the audio sensation and memory there as well as imagination and the lingual factory for forming lingual phrases…

I could keep extrapolating this all of the way out, but I think that most people should get the idea.

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