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I remember reading Discipline and Punish by kung-foucault but I don’t recall much of what was written. That title struck me as being a bold statement about the treatment. My own observation related to that is sz is some kind of thing like a disease or disorder or something but manifests not like most maladies, but as a behavioral problem. Some szs are surprisingly well behaved though. I think one humanizing habit people have developed is constantly correcting behavior, and when this is applied to szs bad behavior it results in bad treatment. I think people are like bulls and sz is a matador and the behavior is a cape. The sz is the underdog that has to overcome odds placed against it by the spectacle it creates for no good reason. I just want the bull to be replaced by a cow offering fresh milk when she sees the milkmaid, no longer a matador, waving an empty bucket. Better treatment not based on disciplining bad behavior that is symptomatic of the real issue.


Behavioral issues occur with any population.
Schizophrenia / Schizoaffective are easier to spot than I would say normal population, so might be labeled as behavioral problems more than the hidden population / regular population.

The common statement,“The voices said to…”,“The voices told me to…”, might be labeled as behavioral problems because the end result is more visible.

Additionally, when you combine substance use and schizophrenia /schizoaffective, the occurrence of behavioral problems would most likely increase.

Treatment for schizoaffective / schizophrenia by use of anti-psychotics, could decrease behavioral problems as well.

As well as treatment for substance use (co-occurring), would also most likely reduce behavioral problems.

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