Solved my sleeping problem_4_now

For the past month or so I’ve been having a hard time with sleeping and because of that my voices took full advantage of this situation. No SLEEP, more verbal attacks with that stupid ringing sound! I’m not on medications & really don’t want to take any but I do take vitamins to keep me going. My first combination that had worked for a while was B-3 Niacin along with a sleep formula that has Sensoril & tryptophan. It started to wear off and I found myself back at square one trying to keep it together with little sleep. So, I took a look at TEQUILA and the benefits from drinking it in moderation. I drink it every night when I get off of work along with that sleep formula and it knocks me all the way out so I get that deep rim sleep. YAY!!!

Oh that can’t be good. There has to be a better, safer, way?

No it actually works for me Malvok. I’m not talking about getting full on drunk. I take a shot mixed with lemon, cinnamon, honey and take this sleep formula and it does me good. Go check out the benefits of Tequila…

*Tequila dissolves fat and has been shown to reduce bad cholesterol and increase your good cholesterol.

*In small to moderate amounts, it is a heart healthy drink.

*When you are feeling stressed, one shot of tequila can help you relax.

I haven’t had Tequila in a long time. I only remember bits of what happened the last time I drank it.

It just sounds like a recipe for dependance. I guess if a person can control it then it would be fine, but any daily use of alcohol sounds bad.

It wouldn’t be any different than being dependent on the drugs (medications) they prescribe. Seroquel had me dragging all day, risperdal did nothing but made me dizzy, so I looked at this in a different way. Plus all those drugs are known for giving you man boobs, suicidal thoughts,unusual changes in behavior, agitation, irritability,Increases in triglycerides and in LDL (bad) cholesterol and decreases in HDL (good) cholesterol, weight gain and diabetes. I’ll take my chances with tequila & vitamins over that. Like I said, this works for me and I’m in no way trying to get anybody to start drinking alcohol.

Well at least you’ve got a solution to your problem. I’ve been having sleep issues lately as well, though I usually do fall asleep in the end. I have the option of taking 25mg of Seroquel to make me sleep faster but I usually avoid it. I am also on other antipsychotic medication.

Understand how you feel about voices. I find my voices are often the worst at night. They are mega talkatative then.

Hopefully you don’t develop a tolerance to the effects of tequila!

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Hey Stoneycaldwell, Im glad you are getting some control over your sleep. I have sleep issues myself, but lately Ive been takin my Klonopin at night instead of the morning, so far Im sleeping ok. I wish you well. Wave

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Its good to know that you can go on with your life without medication. If i knew meds would do so much harm to me i would of never started. But now its too late, my sleeping, and better mood are hanging on the medication. Without psych med i wouldn’t be able to sleep even with ambien. I have tried lower dose of risperdal, i couldn’t handle the insomnia and depression. Now i am taking less than 2 mg and i do fine. Slowly i am cutting a bit off from my risperdal, and i will continuously do that until i go below 1.5

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Hmmm you know, this sounds like how I became an alcoholic. Just being honest. I started with 2-3 beers to wind down and sleep, then I started getting drunk on liquor with my friends to quiet the voices and dull the pain of being in a waking nightmare, then I started drinking whenever I wasn’t in the gym or in the classroom, and heavily. An average night was 6 shots, a night without school the next days was 12+ shots, sometimes way more, I think something like 25 drinks in one night was my record. Not that I was counting, just by looking at the fifth and empty jellow shots I drank that night.

You know there are sleep aids, one of them called Z-quill is pretty good according to my friend who used it to go to sleep after his girlfriend cheated on him. He was messed up for about a month using drugs and alcohol very heavily trying to forget about her.

Moderation is the best word you used in your post- just be cautious, once tolerance develops, it all goes downhill from there. But what you’re doing is OK, BECAUSE you said you get benefits from drinking in MODERATION but antipsychotics and booze dont mix, and there are other sleep aids than alcohol at walgreens and the grocery store.

I know how awesome booze can be for schizophrenic symptoms (I was a raging little 19 year old alky psycho honors student) but just remember that alcohol is POISON.

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Always been a really cautious dude when it comes to drinking I’m not that guy who was drowning in it to get rid of my problems. This is just working for now until it won’t anymore I’ll take it in MODERATION. I stopped drinking even b4 I got voices just grew out of it. A shot and that sleep aid and I’m knocked out. Got up this morning and felt much better with the voices in the distance still trying to upset me but I work through it. Went up the mountain and hiked with my daughter this morning and took my vitamins so I feel pretty good right now.

Yes night time is the worst because they know you are trying to calm yourself from the day & it’s the time when your “biological clock” circadian rhythm is supposed to start to shut down for your body to rest. But because of the idiots bothering you at night it brings in the stress along with not being able to sleep it puts your body in a bad spot & open to even more problems. No sleep means mental health becomes worse & they know this and that’s why it’s worse at night.

Hey now Wave, yeah it’s helping for now. Thanks for the good wishes. :wink:

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