Solved my problem with my family

I told my brother to come clean to his caseworker about his trickery by sending him copies of the emails we sent talking about the plan to have him watch my dogs, he did and now I wont lose my dogs.

I told my mom that if she doesn’t stop pushing me to dump my GF I will stop paying the taxes on her car and second home, where my brother who tricked me lives, and that I would also stop the payments on her cable.

Told my step dad I would call the cops on him about him growing pot in his attic.

Told my pot head other brother that if he tried to break me and my GF up again I would tell HIS GF about him cheating on her.

See this is the lesson. Don’t ■■■■ with family, because chances are, the one your ■■■■■■■ with knows all your dirty little secrets…


I’m glad you handled all of this. You really have to watch family. That’s why I’m more paranoid about them. I’m not to scared of what I’ve done. While sick, people can do weird stuff.

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Yeah I agree that it’s not wise to $*@% with your family especially if they can cut off your support. I didn’t realize you were in the position you were in when you wrote that earlier tweet. It’s best to use your brain in those situations rather than resort to extreme measures.

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I wish I could solve the problems with my family.

Good on you @Dremulf I hope they leave you alone now.

Suggest you stop paying their bills anyhow. You owe them nothing.

That earlier letter was to vent mostly, My family makes it seem to others that they are only concerned my well being, but my mom’s REAL motive was that if I have kids, she will not be the recipient of my life insurance policy, as she was until recently. Its a sizable policy, over 500K because I pay for it out of pocket, and it doubles if I die in a car accident with my seatbelt on. I got locked into a good rate a few years ago, and it even covers suicide at half total policy.

My brother’s admitted that my mom told them she would give them 100K each of the policy if they managed to get it back in her name. I am transferring the title of executor of my estate to my GF, so that my family has NO control over my stuff should I die.

They all regret it now, my mom apologized on the phone for two hours today saying she was worried my GF would take advantage of me. I am WAY to paranoid to trust someone with such an important thing without good reason. I wrote out a will a few months ago to replace the one I had written before I went to Basic Training where my late GF got all my stuff.

My mom gets 100K of my policy, my siblings each get 25K of my policy. The rest goes to the Rescue I foster for, so that they can take care of my animals should I die before them.

My mom knows this already, so I can only assume that her reason is simply that she is too greedy. My GF only gets my home when I die. my Roommate gets my various electronics and books, and my best friend gets my guns, that’s right I own guns, a dozen of them. The only exceptions are my M1 Garand which goes to my GF, because she helped me buy it, and my M1 Carbine, which goes to my mom because it was hers before I bought from her to help her pay bills.

and @MrSquirrel I would but I actually do owe my mom the money, I had to borrow from her to buy the new frame for my truck and pay for the guy to put the engine and such on the new frame. I still owe about 5K on that.

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