Solutions For Improving Life after Schizoprenia


Just wanted to hear what solutions you have adopted for improving your life since you were diagnosed with Schizophrenia

Here are mine, some are works in progress (its taken 8 years or so to implement most of these)

  1. Medication - Abilify 5mg (Taken Everyday Without fail)
  2. Exercise - Swimming 30mins Everyday
  3. Little caffeine (Maximum of 1 Cup of instant coffee a day)
  4. Eating the following foods: Oats, cinnamon, eggs, smoked salmon, yoghurt, tomatoes, avocados, Lean protein sources + vegetables and or salad
  5. Taking a Multivitamin
  6. Supplementing with 1000mg wild krill oil
  7. Avoiding bread, rice, potato, sugar due to pre diabetes
  8. Walking minimum of 60 mins a day
  9. Sleep 8 hours a night, get up and go to sleep at exactly the same time
  10. Acupuncture
  11. No NutraSweet or aspartame
  12. Socialising (only recently starting doing this again)
  13. No alcohol
  14. Seeing a psychologist - This has helped me immensely as we just conducted exposure therapy
  15. Exposure therapy to deal with trauma that resulted in psychotic episode
  16. Seeing a dietician to fight antipsychotic weight gain
  17. Minimising Stressful Situations
  18. Watching Comedies
  19. Yoga (Just starting this today)
  20. Asking for help rather than try to do it on my own
  21. Music
  22. Avoiding fast foods as much as possible
  23. Learning to cook easy but healthy meals in 20-30 minutes while watching tv
  24. Hobbies - Mine are RC cars and planes
  25. Annual blood tests that check for everything

I want to hear things that improve your life.

I know I am boring no need to point this out! I know.


That is an Amazing list. I didn’t know there were that many hours in a day. You must be very well organized.
For me it’s not life after schizophrenia. I’m still fighting it. I have a lot of help to get through my day. I have a healthy dose of disorganized mixed with my paranoia so sometime simple things that I had no problem with yesterday, will throw me today, but stuff I forgot last week will be a snap this week. A little extra help keeps me in one piece.
But some of the things I do on my own


  1. Tuesdays and Thursdays and Saturday I try and swim a 1,650 (yards) with I.M. set and be finished in time to take my kid sisters water ex class. (I love being silly when she’s trying to teach) I’m only one of two guys in the class. Monday and Wednesday I just swim for an hour. I do 100m of each stroke in I.M. and Medley order. I think it works my brain to have to remember which stroke I’m doing on which set. (It’s a 25 yard pool)
  2. Take a lot of walks
  3. I have a fairly physical job so I get more exercise there too.
  4. In summer… surf. Just too cold to surf right now.
    Yoga freaked me out… I was doing it wrong and the teacher grabbed my knee to correct something and I got sort of freaked by her just grabbing my knee and I haven’t gone back. I don’t get to take the class very often due to when it’s offered, but fencing is really fun. I actually like Foil and Epee. My kid sis is all about the Saber. Everything is a fatal hit. She’ll grow out of that phase. (we both work for the parks and rec department so we get a lot of odd classes for almost free)


  1. Lots of veggies and soup. Trying to learn how to cook since my kid sis has cooked for me all this time. She’s fighting anorexia so I will eat noodles because I put them in the soup so she’ll eat something. Still drink my coffee in the A.M. but then I switch to tea and then herbal tea at night. If I didn’t have a mad love of Salmon, I could go vegetarian.


  1. holding at only 3 cigarettes a day and trying to quit.
  2. still sober and I go to AA
  3. Still free of illegal drugs
  4. See my therapist at the very least once every other week.
  5. stay med compliant. Learning how not to forget my meds.

Other hobbies…
I read all the time. I love reading.
I know how to knit. Odd I know. It was one of those free classes I got drug to and I gave it a try and my brain has to work to remember what I’m doing. It’s a win/win. My brain gets a concentration work out and when I’m done, I have a pair of socks or a scarf.
I hang out with my kid sis and tag along with her on her adventures and that gets me socializing more.


Its taken along time to learn. Not really that organised.

The best advice I received from my psychiatrist was to take something bad that happens to you and turn it into something positive.

I never forgot it and have fought with persistence to try to improve my life since the illness.


1/ medication - religiously take a depot med every 3 weeks, antidepressants I rarely forget
2/ exercise - sporadic, 1hr a week per gardening, walking - have an electric bike but it keeps raining
3/ about to get a personal trainer/ nutritionist because I don’t think I can motivate myself enough to dotriathlons and I need to lose weight (yoga is incredible - did it for 5 years
4/ I eat all those foods as well, have a problem with sugar too though
5/ I take a bunch of supplements for PMS
6/ I eat healthily, have had a lot of therapy
7/ avoid stress but keep fairly busy
8/ I’m a housewife - leads to a lot of stability being in the woman’s role of cooking and shopping and cleaning, while my husband works…first time I’ve really benefitted from responsibility
It’s nice and predictable. I cook reasonably healthy very tasty things from scratch most days
9/ I back off when I need to if there is stress
10/ I keep busy, writing a play, taking classes/ workshops to improve my chances of writing the best script I can

I drink within guidelines of govt 14 units a week or less
Used to have a bunch of acupuncture
Gave up smoking 7.5 yrs ago ( got to. 60 a day!)
I use sucralose if I want low calorie, its not meant to be as bad
I sleep badly though - mainly out of impatience / Internet addiction and I drink a moderate amount of caffeine
Congrats on a great list!


It took me as well about 8 years to develop what I call my recovery list. It is very similar to yours. Discipline. It took me long to learn and many sleepless nights, you got to decide for your wellness. I just gave up caffeine. And now I don’t worry about whether or not I can sleep at night I just do.

A clockwork like regimen helps the days seem like schizophrenia is at bay. We must remember that our medicine we take for our condition is as serious as what a heart patient takes for their condition.

Jogging is so important for your respiratory, and it makes your body more mobile.
I smoke marijuana for depression and I don’t need any anti-depressant pill. It works that well for me. Diet by far has been the hardest for me to follow. But once you mastered how to care for yourself and your condition improvement will follow. Have a blessed one.


being the age that I am, with all of things I’ve done + learned behind me
being playful?


Mine are definitely medication and therapy, also grounding techniques.


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