Solitary path of the spirit

So i have no friends and it pisses me off at people.
I dont like human and I am not one of them
Do you really think that the psychiatry cares for you Naada they just wanna you to take meds
So people are not bored of you on the streets.
The doctors force heavy medications and refuses to listen and reduce it,not even a little bit.
People are hypocrites and full of ■■■■, so that its reality. and reality sucks

That’s a strange way to look at it.*

I personally take meds to not feel bad and not act too crazy, because acting crazy destroyed my life in the past.
and I need to add that without meds I was feeling very horrible. I was very scared, had very distorted reality. I was fearing every sound and person,

And yes, there are horrible ppl but also there are some good out there

And my pdoc was happy on reducing my meds dose. It happened quite many times

They refuce to reduce my clozapine of 600mg a day.
I ve never done a violent crime yet they claim i am a danger to myself and others;
Never had any suicide thought in the civil or ever harmed myself in the civil
In my case its more than complciated because i am like guy with alien DNA.

Maybe it’s just not the right time to reduce the dose?

How overall your’e feeling?

The psychiatry has their good and mostly their bad but they know Nothing.

How are poeple "feeling " thats the good Q.
"Laugh and the world laugh with you, weep and you weep alone. "
realities a major terror and people are either selfish or hypocrites.


So POEPLE and HUMANS how are you feeling? LOL.
Hahahahaa. yeah really. how you feeling ?
Hmmm. I feel kinda fine, even better, if I hadnt these side effects.
Maybe we need to write a new Matrix to control the masses.
Just kidding, Not insane. Just bored. =) Its not three 6 its three 8 and the Infinity of it all
Asalam aleikom and shalom mazeltov. Piece to the earth; We come in piecee…

I think that "How are you feeling " is a really really bad reminder of how am I feeling.
Idk. I feel kinda fine but I think the hypocrites who judges me have no self awareness.
Im just guy who is pissed off at people because i am alone and have no friends.

Psychiatrists and medication gave me back my life. They are why I have a wife, a daughter, a career, fun hobbies, and I am respected in my community.

I started out on heavy medications but the dose got lowered over time as I worked with my treatment team and followed their guidance. Doing therapy helped me lower the doses even more.

Doctors and medication are your best options if you want to have a good life.


I had literally no intention to make you feel bad.
was just asking :slight_smile:


All of you who are diagnosed with schizophrenia leave this forum

I am leaving

Hi @zolly, I realize you are feeling frustrated as things are not turning out how you’d like with your life, but that is not an excuse to be rude to others and order them around. People here are trying to support you because they genuinely want to see your life get better for you. Please treat them respectfully.

(Volunteer moderator)

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You do not need to leave. Thank you for supporting a member in need.


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no problem! I just don’t know if I helped actually…
I was in way worse state than most people which are unwell here, because I couldn’t wrote a logical sentence for a weeks or months.
Like, I remember I couldn’t even say, “hey, how are you doing?” only in my language ofc. My family feared I will need to go to “disabled school”… doctors wanted me to go to such school.
Just my parents back then fighted for me, they wanted me to go to regular school like everyone, because they thought that being around healthy people will help my mental health. And it did. along with meds and my amazing psychiatrist
I just know what means to have a helping hand
Sorry for so long one


Hey… Getting stressed will just make your positive symptoms worse. Is there anything you can do right now that will calm you down some and help you feel better? Have a cup of tea? Sit in a favourite chair? Maybe go for a short walk?


you are good :slight_smile: thank you

Humans evolved from monkeys and worse are the reptiles and demons;
Some are angels and i really love the angels…

I really hope you feel better soon.


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