Sole person that can go


Just so happens I’m the sole person that can now go to food pantries here in town because no one else is listed on my address sheet. My mother in law gave me the fruit and soda from the pantry today. And a bunch of soup. My favorite tomato


Some of the pantries near me are good. Some give out wilted veggies, rotten fruit, and meat past the date.


Salvation Army is usually pretty good, my partner can’t go anymore because they say she makes too much and so does My father in law. I technically live in a separate address so they don’t count their income against me. My partner said she lived with them because her parents are too embarrassed to go themselves


I can go to the Salvation Army for food. But the one by my house serves rotten food


That’s terrible they usually do a good job near me. I’m sorry


It’s ok. There’s a different pantry about 5 miles away that’s really good.


We get a pantry truck every month that gives pretty good food. Then when it’s warmer we go to another bigger city for food pantries