Solar flare worries in the news? kind of concerned

Supposedly there are supposed to be “solar flares” that will knock out modern technology like satellites and things like that. Anybody heard anything?

But scientists are now predicting a 12 per cent chance that another solar storm could wreak havoc on the Earth by 2022 - forcing the White House to brace for action.

I’m reading about this. Apparently the reason this is in the news is because the White House has drawn up contingency plans about what to do if one does occur. Nothing imminent, just plans, like what to do in the event of a nuclear explosion, what to do in the event of a major earthquake, etc.

The Sun has been pretty active, lately, but that’s normal - the Sun goes through cycles of high and low activity pretty regularly.

So that means more than a 12% chance of apocalypse by 2022


Remember the show Jerico? It was ‘disruptor’ bombs that interfere with any electricity…

Honestly, I’ve hear millennial employees in California have actually shut down utilities on poor, old people and disabled even if bill was paid on time and it was below freezing. Lots of the younger workers are already psychopath trained and more of the older males converted to ‘the dark side’ already and will screw up anyone they are told to including family/spouse/ kids.

Small house trend really makes sense, at least able to generate enough heat to avoid freezing and cook is advisable. Even cities loose power for a few days sometimes in bad storms or earthquake. I’ve seen a $500 solar generator system with two panels and big battery that will stay charged for 3 months and when you need it, you just put the panels outside (clean from snow) and plug cable into battery. If you put circuit breaker into ‘off’ position, you can plug extension cord into any outlet and run a few minimal things off battery…Can run heat or fridge in 4 hours increments and it will keep you okay.

Can be fairly easy to put in wood stove if you run flue through a window. Keep some wood in back for emergencies. Remember, if you lay a brick wall or back wall with metal sheet, it reflects more heat into room.

I always had the gas heater you run off the BBQ propane tank, but these are a little flinchy with the carbon monoxide meters built in. I do keep a backpacker cook stove and single butane tank too ready for emergencies.

I used to live on edge of town and we could be without electricity for 3 days sometimes after a moderate rain even…city never saw any need to improve things. We ran on a well too so only water we had was in above ground swimming pool. Was pleased when parents bought generator when I was a teen…hated going to school messy.

[quote=“jukebox, post:1, topic:35522”]
Anybody heard anything?
[/quote]I don’t give in to solar scare-mongering. The sun is fine. Most of the science supporting these crazy events are purely based upon speculative theoretical physics & such. It’s hardly worth time investigating if you ask me.


that would be funny to see…
the teenagers :boy: :girl: without their technology !?!
AAAAARRRRRHHhhhhhhhhh !?! :scream:
take care :alien:

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So your saying there could be a delay with production on the iPhone 16 S version 3 . Oh nooooooooooo :smiley:

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