Solar flare or twilight zone? Something weird just happened in my neighborhood

I was just sitting playing The Sims and watching “Snapped”, like most Sundays,

When my computer just shutdown completely.

The TV went off at the same time.

I thought “the power must have gone out”.

But my computer was at a like 80% charge.

And the lights were on.

I had to reset both, but they started working and everything was fine.

About then my next door neighbor came over and said a similar thing happened at her house.

Her tablet, washer and dryer stopped working.

People are out gossiping now and I’m hearing almost the same thing from everyone.

Different devices, but all of them just kind of shut off.

Everyone is saying it was a solar flare.

I don’t know.

Freaking weird.


Yesterday, the power to my house went off twice. It turned on right away.

Could be related, I dunno.

Maybe an issue with your internet/cable provider? Check your providers outage maps/reports.

Could be. What a crazy occurrence!

I had a weird thing once. Some tvs stayed on and lights. Some didn’t. The fan kept going fast then slow.

Turns out it was a ‘brown out’. Not quite a blackout but enough shenanigans with the electricity to cause high strangeness.

The utilities guys replaced a dodgy transformer and fixed it. But they were flummoxed at first too!

It effected only half the village as well

Thank you for the idea,

I did check for outages and wasn’t able to find any in my area.

But also checked my city’s facebook page to see if anyone else had commented on it.

Nothing yet,

However, I am now terrified of the amount of crime around here.

People, don’t go to your police department’s facebook page.


We did have an X class solar flare today. Those can cause localized power disruptions.

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It just reached X class briefly at 2200 UTC, which I think is around 2 pm your time? I am bad a time zone conversions.

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