Sodium benzoate treatment not effective for early psychosis


Oh darn. And I was about to buy some from

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Good to know, but important to note that this was only a trial in early psychosis - other trials have been for treatment resistant schizophrenia, and those are continuing, afaik.

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In the case,if the sz condition or its symptoms arose as a result of abnormal chemical processes,the final cure have been possible in the case if provide conditions that reverse these processes existed ,Because the chemical processes are reversible !

In reality,sz and its symptoms was not caused by Abnormal Chemical Processes,unexpectedly ,all sz’s symptoms caused by the current normal chemical functions / processes throughout the interfered function of psychotic factor (the things that you call it hallucination) over the higher knowledge processes

For example,the hallucination produces a pronounced thought that have the effect characteristics of the genetic message which produced the the gene DNA ,
it is a cognitive message converted into corresponding meaning /concept one its received (listing to its content),
The heard voice effects on the person’s perception as a spoken message and has seeks to synthesis a corresponding mental concept in the self-awareness of the person as it coming in the message text .One the concept is synthesis and received it NO reversal process is possible at all
Synthesis the malicious meaning in the mind-brain of the person is a non-reversible forward processes in the direction of the time !

The mental concept which broadcasting by the hallucination and received has becomes a part from the personal self-convictions (personal memory ,a part from the human psychological self convictions ),and there are to options for the person, accept the concept or reject (self defense ) no more than 3 seconds OR before the next pronounced thought

Sodium benzoate is just chemical substance

When you look at the person (sample)
You think that,there are sensory stimuli inputs, feelings and higher mental processes to producing the personal behavioral responses outputs which you diagnosis them as a symptoms of sz

When you say the term “psychosis”
you meant the feelings and the higher mental processes which precede the behavior responses and cause them
So,using the term “psychosis” is similar to using term "mental " ,
Psychosis =the thoughts / feelings in isolation about the personal behavioral responses outputs

Psychosis is the sums of feelings + mental processes that happen Before the production of the behavioral responses
regard with your observations / perceptions,the personal executive behavioral responses outputs are the symptoms of the schizophrenia

The questions;
What did you meant by the word "psychosis "?
What did you meant by the statement " the person who experience early psychosis " ?
What did you meant by the statement " symptoms in individual with early psychosis " ?
What is the early phases of psychosis in the first place ?