Sodium Benzoate and Broccoli Sprouts

I think I might buy sodium benzoate again. It’s pretty cheap. Same thing with Broccoli Sprouts. Safe to take together? I had a great response to sodium benzoate but was nervous about Vitamin C.

I have positive and negative symptoms, but the negative symptoms are a lot worse.

Sometimes, I doubt if the Aspergers thing is even real. Like maybe I don’t have it at all? My social skills were fine up until my childhood, which I always blamed my father for isolating me. I was always a quiet, shy boy.

Maybe it’s just one thing and has always been one thing: schizophrenia. I got a very bad stomach virus when I was a kid. That’s when I started noticing certain things changing…like maybe more bullying and more isolation and possibly more dissociation. My father abused me somewhat, but is a good, loving person.

Is it possible my schizophrenia was caused by the Norovirus? I don’t know. Been having some strange dreams lately. Some might consider them nightmares or sleep paralysis. Yes, I got a lot of problems lol.

I think the glutamate hypothesis is more of a concern for me than the dopamine hypothesis of schizophrenia.

Anyways, I still have some dissociation but the derealization is so minimal that I can be happy now.

I still have trauma and traumatic memories, but some of them (most?) might come from my other lives, which don’t exist or are not known to exist yet.