Socks for Satan

This is a thing… they donated 500 pairs of socks to the homeless in fl…several other groups have done the same… now the question… would you donate socks for the homeless…through the socks for satan movement…?

My only comment on it was the picked a hell of a name… lol lol…


Clever marketing in my opinion.

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I donated some money to the Red Cross for the hurricane victims. I know Red Cross has been accused of not using the money it gets well, but I’m not really in a position to know if an independent organization is on the up and up or not. It would be pretty easy for a crooked group to hang out a shingle as a hurricane relief agency and keep all the money they raised for themselves. If I give to the Red Cross I know that the hurricane victims are at least going to get something.

What would they be doing with the donated socks if they didnt actually donate them…lol


I wasn’t familiar with these socks gathering groups when I donated the money. I figure that for what it cost to transport socks in the mail it would be more practical to send money. I think I heard someone say that t-shirts were a good item to donate too.

I do not understand your post I think.

Is it a satanic help charity organisation that gives socks to those who need it?

I made a pair of slippers for emergency relief.
Not the best slippers around but I wore mine a lot so they can do good to/for right person.

I will keep giving to my local second hand I think.

I felt some were ya ing tantrums and hate to me n that I do not do enough etc

I do have ugliness to who I am and flaws in character and maybe I will never be able to toughen up.

But I can do something and a tiny thing can be helpful .


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