Sociology studies

I’ve thought about enroling in a sociology college.
I’ve thought about this last year but I change my interests very quickly. Currently, it’s more about music. Soon it will be something else, for example reading.

This wish to go to college was strong last year. Now I hesitate, telling myself that I could very likely fail, or relapse by staying locked in studying.

A friend of mine told me about it again, I think she really encourages me to go to college …

Knowing that the price of this registration is low here (public college.) , is it not in my interest to try without prejudging what will happen next?

It really scares me knowing that I had to stop my studies because of schizophrenia when I was young.
There the study path lasts a long time. :confused:

I took Sociology, but had to stop after my first year because of mental health and things going on at home. I really enjoyed the subject though, and like the idea of taking it again one day.

Would you be interested in getting hold of some text books and reading through them? Perhaps you can test if you connect with the course material and can focus well enough?

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One of my majors was Sociology.

It’s such a broad subject, and you can apply a lens on pretty much any topic you can think of.

My speciality was the classical theories.

I was however forced to do a contemporary study for my dissertation, as a theory based paper ‘wasn’t good enough’.

When I was told this I was absolutely fuming. I loved the course, but the final project was ruined for me.

Still, I was psychotic at the time, and lucky I found the strength to finish it.

I got a 1st for that paper, despite not enjoying it as much as I could have done.

I’d say go for it. You won’t regret getting an education.

The transferable skills from Sociology will help a lot. The subject doesn’t get enough credit for this, and people who rubbish the subject don’t know what they’re talking about

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I have never taken a sociology course before but I did enjoy reading one of the sub-topics on social economic classes in society.


I also studied sociology for a year before switching to BA English interpretation and translation.

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Thank you all.

Actually, I read different things, and I am interested in almost everything.
I read sociology, it was very interesting. I also like psychology but I don’t want to study this subject because of schizoprenia.
I would just like to be persistent…

I will go for it, yes.

See you…


The Social Construct Of The Building Blocks (Like Lego’s), In A Hypothetical Pyramid Structure. Can, And Sometimes Will, Continue Give Reasons To Continue Building Beyond The End Of The End Of The Ending.

Not In Any Real ‘Ego Tripping’ Like Fashion. Although, Sometimes The Paintings That Trace Shadows Of Halo’s Spinning Delicately Above The Solid Building’s Language Of Kingdom’s, Palaces, Along The Islands Of Flight. Many, Many, Many Stones Before Bridges Speaking Of Warm Winter’s. Be It As It Has Been Seen, Felt, And Heard. It Sometimes Feels Confusing.

And I Agree Completely On That Confusion. . . . . . .

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