Sociatal conditioning

talking to my mum and sister ive found that kids can reach a stage where they sensor themselves to fit in say the cool thing do this etc etc i never did that and only now am i realising that thats is a good thing!
i went for a walk in the woods and i noticed that my voices were just fear of what other people think i wish to develop a more i dont care ness about it i think its a ctach over from being a human animal and the monkey brain is all ego but we had to care what others thought for survival in the tribe.
also where i live icant shake the keep up with the jonses attitude its sad really cause what people are looking for is internal peAC so you cant achievthats through cars money career or if you do its tempry once you realise that material doesnt matter you can be happy just as is.

Yeah I’ve always been different…people have always said that and it is true. I’ve always made my own way and thought my own thoughts. Can’t say I’m very socially conditioned much at all really, I’ve always been very much my own person. The only conditioning I can see in me is from my upbringing, I do take after my parents in many ways but am in other ways very different as my path in life has differed greatly from theirs.

Never much into that material stuff either. I guess not much of these things ever really rubbed off on me. It’s funny, we are certainly not born a blank slate to be scribed upon by our society, some perhaps, but never myself. I see that I take after my father for instance in many ways but he’s always been a huge sports fan and despite some efforts to interest me in such things I never, ever was in the slightest. I’m just not naturally inclined to be interested in such things…

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good for you sticking to your guns ive never understood sport either LOL