Socializing is awful

 I always have so many issues w/ socializing. I attempt to be friendly towards other people but it always ends up badly for me.

 I feel as though if I talk too much, that I may disclose too much information. Information having to do w/ them figuring out who I am? Whatever that means, that is the best way of describing it. But also that they could use that against me somehow. Nothing specific, though. It just makes me stop in the middle of my sentences to ask myself, "Why am I even speaking to this person right now?".

I am not understanding @ziggystardust, are you ok? and disclosing what to who?

Like my day to day interactions w/ people. Cashiers, small talk, when family calls to check on me, in public, etc.

When I talk to someone for too long, it doesn’t usually matter what the conversation may be about. It can become intolerable and I will drop the interaction completely if I feel overwhelmed.


are you socially anxious a lot? seems that too much human contact gets overwhelming for you and you need time out ?

To me socializing is hell


I have very few social skills, never go to anyone’s houses

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“Ground control to Major Tom, Commencing countdown, engines on.”

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I do have anxiety about socializing and some paranoia. I will question why they are talking to me, why am I talking to them, is the conversation a front…

It is especially bad if I talk to someone that talks to other people that know who I am. It is very general but it has gotten so bad before that I have often been upset at those close to me. Mostly family in that respect because I do not talk to anyone outside of family unless I have to for something like a transaction.