Socialisation deficit

About a decade ago while attending the mental health day centre I did a swimming group which took place at the local swimming pool. I think it was for exercise and some interaction.
I didn’t interact. I spent the time seeing how many lengths I could do. The other people might as well have not been there so fixated was I on my task.
Several of the patients met up during the week. I,of course, wasn’t one of them.

I wouldn’t call it a socialization deficit; I would say you probably didn’t feel a connection with the people. For example, would you socialize with people at a convention devoted to science and its role in schizophrenia?

I often don’t feel a connection with people.

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Do you want to feel a connection to people? Is this lack of feeling a connection to people interfering with your activities of daily living?

I’m ambivalent about it. Not knowing how to socially interact resulted in bullying and peer rejection in the past.

Years ago I liked to socialize a lot with my friends, year after year I become more and more quiet and not knowing how to deal with conversations, I would like to have some meds that helps on it.

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I think this is what troubles me most. How am I supposed to find a partner if I can’t socialise well

I guess that maybe I should have tried to interact more ,but the truth is I’m clueless about the process of interaction. If there’s a group when and how do you make the move to become involved in the group? I never know what to say and when. For me I’m very much reliant on someone choosing to include me in the group ,being spoken to, and then replying as best I can. The trouble is that’s rarely happened.
None of it comes naturally to me.