Social withdrawal

Do you experience social withdrawal as a negative symptom of schizophrenia?

If so, why do you socially withdraw?

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I get headachey to the point where I can’t enjoy being with others.

My positive symptoms generally start acting up. I get Tactiles when I 'm around people a lot because I feel I have to be around them. I feel various things in my brain. Pops, jolts, oozing, something moving in my head, fizzy bubbles and rarely and painfully like hot shards of glass are being jammed into my brain (kinda like really bad streph throat but in my brain). Goes away when I 'm alone and can relax. I try to meditate or at least do breathing exercises when this happens. It helps me to avoid the urge to isolate myself.

I do not know why i socially withdraw but i just feel that i do not have anything to talk to people about in general. I feel like there is nothing to talk about so i remain silent. Is that a negative symptom?


I can’t be around people. They scare me, aggravate me, disgust me or worry me.
Sometimes they try to read my mind, and sometimes I accidentally tap in to theirs. I also don’t like worrying all the time about my appearance, mannerisms, and what they’re thinking about me. Being around people means a lot of focus and trying to control my mind, urges, the way I’m speaking, how I say things, and trying to be a certain way to avoid embarrassment.
I prefer to stay at home.

because humans are a waste

I think it’s alogia.

I don’t want to talk to people because I don’t have what to talk to them. My mind gets blank, then I’m generally very worried if I’m able to carry on a conversation. Conversations are usually uncomfortable for me.

I’ve learned to somewhat enjoy being awkward with people when I don’t have anything to say. I don’t love it but I like that it challenges them to face their own fears relating to awkwardness or whatever else they become aware of when there’s nothing to fill the silence for them.

It’s pretty “normal” to not have anything to say, it doesn’t only depend on you whether you have something to say, and you’re not responsible for other peoples’ discomfort.


I feel I get spiritually attacked and bullied and it has been so for as long as I have been my person.
They are not mature people, governments and community .
They are jealous people.When they try to act “adult” and try to say im not it makes them even more pathetic to me and i do not respect them.
They always steal, always always lie about me.
Strangely enough the christians lie so much and religious ones swear by their god they speak truth but are all lying and im only one who says truth.
All of them against me alone.
They say im not aloud to go out and if i do they spiritually attack me.

I am good natured and nice spirit that has given so much kindness, care, love and has been a workaholic but they put someone elses name on my spirit and stole so many light years when i was in hospital overseas they stole so much as they usually do.

I made multi billions of dollars and beyond and was a workaholic with my spirit but i can not work well with my body because im not in my body much .“not at home”.

I was going to gym but every one at the gym cheated and all of them lied and i was only one spoke truth.
At dance they are not nicest to me either and i dont know if i even want to go back there either.
This was of course probably part of their plan.
They say im not aloud to go for walks cause they dont want to see me out n about in community.They say im not aloud in a shop the people said im not welcome there.
There was not a fair one.
They cheated on their twins etc. as usual.

They definately dont want me to be loved but i am love and give it and its not exactly fair trade not that i want to trade with em but i give good but get bad…

Its part of their plan and pshychological strategy that im not welcome and if i get job its a set up it would be.
Theres some famous names that use my energy and wear my aura and have said my spirit work was them so …
Theres loads of money involved and good energy and days and love i am etc
They are so jealous.Men and woman .and animals cause its who and all they are that are jealous.

They teach their children not to treat people that way but they treat people that way and they are hypocrites and fake and false and dont deserve to be parents to any people.
Their behaviour is disgusting to me.
They cheated on their university which is another reason.

They are all with my enemy it seems.
When i gave them love they said it was someone else and put some one elses name on who i am or a few names or more.I did lots of good work with my spirit.I think i have empathy and have done heaps good.

I have faith that there could be a few beings i could be with.
It is my belief that there are few beings i could be with and that it could be possible i could even marry.
Most men just want to use me or want my energy in some one elses body even my eyes etc.

They program me maliciously.
Saying im not welcome and not to go for walks etc.

I have thought about moving but i dont have the money in person to do so.
I cant even afford a van to sleep in.
If i move it will probably be same else where because im world wide wonder bullied and hated lol
why… because they steal from me and because they are jealous and because they put someother names on my work and because a few other reasons.

Maybe the people are programmed to be idiots to me. maybe its not their fault but i think its who and all they are that are like this. i beleive its who and all they are that are like this.

They were using my eons and someone elses name on it. They always lied and cheated about who i am and they loved others who were in my energy but they never loved the person who is this energy and spirit and who owns it. strange that.
Why they dont want be themself… because they might get what they want that way, might feel beautiful, might feel loved, get loads money, feel high etc
but dont they want be loved for who they are not who someone else is in their body…some one elses light, humor etc

They want to isolate me.

They succeeded in so many ways.

I feel like isolating more because i cant stand the way they treat me.
Its rediculous. They are so immature and this is even governments that behave like jealous bully children…

Like Bunny I rather stay at home because the way they treat me is not ok.

It disgusts me too i think.
Some people disgust me i think. i think its beyond their behaviour even.its who and all they are.
I shake my head in disbelief at how they behave and are.

Ones that look and feel good doesnt mean they are good.

I cant hold conversations either i think. Not long ones.
But i can say hi.
I am a bubbly person. I joke and am out going.
I think a man imparticularely who is not out going uses my energy and puts himself in my body etc.burns.

I had toads on my face.
A few landed on my face.
Unusual thing to happen. I am going to read a book perhaps to learn more.
Its not what i believe in though.although i have not read the book. its a tabu book “as such”.
Its not my faith.
Im not religious.

But ive stopped loving people(not all people) and hope they will stop feeling my love and eons and that they not feel my spirit again.This includes someone i thought was good and i cried when i was religious and praid cause i loved so much.It wasnt mutual.

A place where one can exist.
Be one self with out people stealing it or saying you are someone else and putting it in their bodies.
A beautiful people one can be with.
I want to separate from my enemies and that they never feel me or my energy, aura, eyes etc ever again in any of their names and who and all they are.
and a precious few that i can be with i would find.
although in reality i could of been with all people but since they stole who i am from me even in a way they did but they still didnt entirely.

I am an introvert so not going out isn’t a symptom of my illness it is just who I am.

Sometimes I feel that people get challenged because of the awkward silence and sometimes there’s a good person that fill these silences. I’d love to fill the silence as well with something fun or deep. I’d love to have a conversation in which I have fun because I can share funny things (or deep things) with people.

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Yeah I do simply because of a general introversion. I used to be a lot worse though in freshman year, I’m so much better now, I hang out with people every week, and I feel like a normal teenager now.

i withdrawal becuz its just not as fun as it used to be. im probably not as fun to be around either so i just stopped going out with friends. conversing is difficult for me with new people. also im not as spontaneous

I’m scared to be around people. While I go to a group every Thursday, I mainly keep quiet. I’m afraid that I will say the wrong thing, and people will think that I am crazy. I have to be really sure of what I am saying before I say it. Otherwise, I may say something off the wall. I’m afraid that they won’t want me to go back to the group if I say the wrong thing. I’m thinking that it is just my anxiety and social awkwardness that hinders me.

Yeah i get you, I’m the same - I want to share. What I’ve noticed in myself is I have nothing to say if they’re not talking, but when they talk, I get ideas and have interesting things to contribute. Which is why I often ask questions which I think they’ll be interested in talking about to get them talking.

Being in the silence and facing the discomfort though - whatever it may be, makes you into a more interesting person by itself. Have you ever met a quiet person but there’s something about them that draws you to them? Or the opposite - ever met a very talkative person but were turned off and weren’t interested in talking to them? What I’m trying to get at is being a deep interesting person is beyond whether you talk a lot or not… and personally I believe that the way to become more deep and interesting is to face and ‘dance’ with those fears that make you uncomfortable in the silence.

I have a friend who seems very socially withdrawn, but he is the most interesting and creative friend I have and I really enjoy hanging out with him.

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