Social Withdrawal

Hi all,

Going through a period of withdrawing from socializing at the moment.

It’s been a little bit of a struggle here and there out in the world, but I’ve been forcing myself to be social with coworkers and customers. At home, all I want to do is be by myself though. I haven’t really been active on the forum as a result.

Before meds and SZ, I would get like this, although it hasn’t happened for a very long time.

I recently stopped taking 50 mg of Zoloft and was only taking 15 mg of Abilify on days that I worked.

This lasted for about a month and a half, until the weird thoughts and symptoms started creeping back in.

Back on meds for like the past 5 days, and am feeling a bit off at the moment.

Just would like to know if anyone else goes through times where they kinda withdraw from socializing and how to break out of this funk.


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I am on 400mg of injectable Abilify and it worked great while I was employed. No symptoms either positive or negative. Sorry about your current situation.

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Yes, I go a week or two sometimes without any contact whatsoever with people. It suits me, but once I become lonely and bored enough I want contact again. It’s kind of self-correcting that way

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That’s great that the Abilify jab worked for you, @yinyang. I’ve heard good things about it for sure.

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Meds don’t work like that. They need to build up in your system and reach a steady state. This is the reason you’re feeling off I suspect.


I see, @Cragger. Yea, back in the day I was like that as well.

I’m not sure if it’s med-related or if it’s just a phase that I’m going through at the moment.

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Yeah, every 4 weeks I get jabbed and don’t have to worry about forgetting to ingest the pill version everyday.

As for being socializing, work was great for being social with co-workers as they did not know I was schizophrenic. But now they do which really sucks.


Yes, I had really bad social withdrawal the first 5 years of sz and meds, now I can talk to neighbors sometimes, most my socializing is online.


I think you’re right, @everhopeful.

Abilify had me on an even keel, and the Zoloft kept the blues at bay for the most part.

Just thought that with Abilify’s like, 75 hour half-life I would be in the clear, but it seems not so.


Glad you’re able to talk to your neighbors and that things have improved a bit, @lofifunk :+1:


Wait, why do they know about your illness?

Because the family relative who got me into the job blabbed about my illness to other co-workers.

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yeah i socially withdrew years ago, i don’t even own a phone. stopped hanging out with friends. now i just see mom and dad and family every once in awhile. it gets lonely. sometimes im content with my life, other times i feel like something is missing. but on rare occassions i do get together with old friends, i am ready to retreat to my home after a couple hours. i get a little dissatisfied with this lifestyle and take a trip every 6 months or so, or i take a drive when the weather is nice for a change of scenery. most of my socializing is online now or with family or mental health staff.

as far as neighbors i wave to them when i see them, but i don’t want to get to know them and never talk to them.


I have been alone 99% for years now, becomes a habit after awhile. When ill I push people away then when feeling better they are not willing to renew friendships.
So I gave up and keep to myself other than online, sorry you have to go through this


Understandable, and a tough spot.

First thing is meds every day, that’s worrisome, good thinking to go back on them. They may need some time to adjust back to normal levels. You may want talk to your doctor about an evaluation on your meds, have you ever thought about the abilify jab?

The ennui comes next, it sounds like you need something to shake up your routine. This is more complicated with the state of the world.
Once herd immunity is reached and things open back up, I think it may help.

It can be a grind, it can be a bore, and It can all become tedious. Your fight is good though, instead of wallowing in it you’re asking for help, that’s a good sign.

Nature can help. Hobbies can help. Spoiling yourself with something nice and new.

What does a day of tuna isolation look like? Is it just hanging out with anhidonia?

Be safe tuna.


i see my parents every day but i can’t say i do much socializing. I see mobile team girl once a week when she comes to take me out for a walk. And every 2 weeks i see gp doc for 20 minutes or so to give me my depot jab.


Hello all,

Your replies are much appreciated!

About to head into work for several hours, so I shall respond when I’m out.

Thanks and have a great day! :sunny:


I’m not doing as well as you as you have a job. I go on and on seeing no one, day after day, no work acquaintances, no nothing. I talk to a therapist once a week and a pdoc once a month. I got my first covid-19 vaccine shot, so I got out to see the doctor. I practiced all week by getting out every day to stores to see cashiers and rode the bus just fine. Otherwise my anxiety would have made me crack up. Soon I’ll have my follow up shot and be ready to go to my twelve step meetings again. I choose to wait until then. I have texting with my siblings and phone my mom every day. I have to have the self love to get out, even to just sit outside Starbucks and have a soda. If I didn’t stay clean and sober I’d be out of my mind in one day. I’m stepping outside in about fifteen minutes to buy Spam at the pharmacy.


Socially I just see my step-family. I’m quite asocial. Occasional attempts to socialise have been total failures.


I’ve never heard of a dr prescribing abilify only on days you work.

Abilify is a 1x a day thing. Maybe you should try the injection?