Social services assessment

After discussion it was decided to down the direct payment route. That was because the social worker said it would take longer going down the social services route. She said a new system had been put in place that was having hiccups due to politicising between the various people involved.

We were told it would allow for more flexibility which my stepdaughter said was a good thing. My step daughter asked if she could be in charge of it as she said I would panic over the administration of it.

We discussed hours and my stepdaughter said 7 hours would do (5x1 + 2 hour slot). Whether we ultimately go for that however will depend on what is charged. We had discussed the financial impl -ications before the social worker had arrived.

My stepdaughter said she would try and get the care agency she works for to do it. As she knows and would be able to vouch for the people coming in.


Sounds like you have all the bases covered. Glad to read it @firemonkey

With social services funding you have two choices, direct payments or payment direct to a support company, both have their positives and negatives.

I get 21 hours support a week funded by social services and I went with having a support company provide my support. I like the fact that I have small team of people working with me. I would soon get bored spending 21 hours a week with the same person and having a support company dealing with all the paperwork is much easier and decreases my anxiety than dealing with tax invoices and staff sickness and insurance.

I think it’s good you’re being provided with support hours. I live in supported living and its the best move I’ve ever made. I’m really happy, although I get 21 hours one to one there is always staff on complex including nights.

A combination of the extra flexibility with direct payments and the fact there’s apparently a long queue for the other option swayed things in that direction.

My stepdaughter will deal with all the administrative stuff. I think if I was in supported living even more care would be warranted.

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