Social services and working

I’m poor and use social services for help. Every six months they make me do a employment assessment. All the other counties in my state don’t make ypu do that when you have a disability application. My mental health provider already told them I can’t work. I always get stressed when I have to do the paperwork because it isnt geared for answers from disabled people.

It’s ridiculous to have to make myself ashamed every few months. Every month I hav to send in reports of my therapy and shots and pdoc appointments. They cal me in to talk to someone ever few months to again go over my symptoms! How many times will I have to get embarrassed and have to talk about delusions, hallucinations, and how often I even bathe?!

It males me sick. Schizoaffective is permanent. I won’t be cured in a few mo ths.

It’s the same here ie people who decide on things whose knowledge of severe mental illness could be written on a postage stamp.

I hope you can get through it , without it doing a number on your mental well being.

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Thanks @firemonkey. I have to be there forthe assessment at 10, so hour and a half. I am getting the shakes and have an upset stomach

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Can you take anything for it?

I don’t have anything.

That’s awful! I hope that changes and you don’t have to do it anymore.

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