Social Security Review

So I’m up for Social Security review even though I’m not up for review with the VA for like 17 years. I’ve been filling out these questions for an hour and it almost feels like hallucinating because it has asked me several times if I communicate in English. Kind f crazy, because if ai didn’t communicate in English, I wouldn’t kniw whatthe question even said. Lol

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I find that a lot of places now will ask you the same thing in various ways to test your honesty and consistency. Your not hallucinating. It’s a test in the form.

My favorite question is “Have you ever been involved with a militant group or committed an atrocity against humanity?”

Hummm well… who would lie about that if they had been??? :wink:

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I just went through my first review a few months ago. It was pretty tough and stressful. I had to fill out literally 30 pages of forms. And Social Security also sent a stack of forms to my caretaker. It was brutal.

About half-way through the process, my friend found this resource from Cornell U, which is full of info on the review process. It’s called “surviving a continuing disability review.”

Hope this helps you in your review process.



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I don’t like getting reviewed and filling out the forms. But my reviews seem to always be easier than I hear about from you guys. Maybe because I’ve been on SSDI so long? My SSDI review always looks harder than it realy is. It has a lot of pages but the majority of the paperwork is yes/no questions or simply checking boxes. And simple information. I always procrastinate on filling these out but once I get started I always find that while it’s a little stressful, it is not that hard.

I doubt it’ll be an issue. I had to keep attaching extra sheets of paper because there wasn’t room to list treatments and hospitalizations they asked for. Forms are just stressful for me. Thanks for the PDF link…great info in there.

It is odd how different social security and the VA are. My next primary review at the VA is still 17 years away unless someone requests one early. The VA is also far more thorough. My first social security doc meeting a few years back was like 30 minutes long. VA disability the first main meeting was almost all day. Lol

I agree as a test. When I go to the VA, I’m sometimes asked odd questions from time to time. The one they ask me all the time is for me to tell them what my diagnosis is.

I’m up for review for the first time and I had a 10 page questionnaire at first now another questionnaire but they are all simple like do you cook? What kind of meals? How often? etc.

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Yeah mine were simple. Dates mess me up. I have the worst recollection of what year things happen in. Lol aside from major events. Like I’ve had SSDI for a while, but I can’t decide on what year I started it. Lol