Social Problems Linked to Delusions in Adolescents

There is a bidirectional association between social problems and delusions in adolescents, according to research published in Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica. This may indicate a downward negative spiral in which delusional thoughts and social problems reinforce one another.

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I suppose that makes sense. Isolation has been known to cause “strange” behaviors in some

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Thank you for sharing! I’m trying to understand the article.

Does it mean that social problems preceed delusions, but they don’t necessarily preceed hallucinations?

^ That’s what they appear to be saying, but note the following-

The study included only a limited number of items to construct the symptom and social variables, which may have resulted in lowered sensitivity for detecting hallucinations.

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Thank you! The first book I read about schizophrenia (Entendendo A Esquizofrenia by Leonardo Palmeira) said environmental factor counts a lot besides genetical factors.